Would You Choose a Red or Dark Blue Kelly?

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  1. I was able to get an appointment at Hermes Fauberg in Paris. It was the end of the day and there were only two options of Kellys left in 32 (no 28s available at all). She was able to show me two bags and it was SO hard to make a choice and now I feel like I may have made a wrong choice! Sadly I didn't have enough leather, color Hermes knowledge before walking in....

    The first choice was a Midnight Blue Togo leather 32 with gold hardware. This one was supple and the stitching is inside. The second choice was a Braise Red with paladium hardware (the champagne looking color/not quite gold or silver). I am not positive what the leather was, but it was a shiny red, definitely not slouchy and the stitching was on the outside and it appeared larger (it was more expensive too).

    The sales rep was amazing with me, had all the patience in the world, even though the store was closing, and guiding me towards the dark blue bag as it would be my first Hermes and it is more of a neutral, wouldn't scratch easily, and I could wear it more easily. She said the red was a bit bright for a 32, so it would be harder to wear and would look too big.

    But now that I am home, I feel a bit of regret in getting a Togo that is slouchy in a Kelly. Isn't a Kelly nicer when it is more rigid? And maybe a red would be more vibrant and dark blue would clash with my often in black wardrobe? I am feeling terrible, please help!
  2. Difference was Sellier vs Retourne. There’s another thread on this page around 28 vs 32, but in my opinion, Sellier gets big and hard to carry crossbody.

    Also, there’s another religious debate around Togo vs Epsom (the sellier was likely Epsom) that you can look into.

    I think you made a great choice.
  3. A lot of people go to FSH and don't get anything. If you have a true regret, then you can always consign/sell your bag. Togo is such a nice leather, and gold with midnight blue sounds really lovely! I would love to be in your position.

    The H experience is what it is. Most people don't even get two choices. So love the bag you get, or off load it.
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    Is there any use agonizing over this?

    Retourne (inside seam) vs Sellier (outside seam) is a pretty big difference. Sellier 32 is too big for me while I feel very comfortable with 32 Retourne. They look quite different on me. If you had liked the look of Sellier a lot more than Retourne why did you pick the one you did? You must have loved it too. Then what's the point of now thinking Kelly would be "nicer" rigid and doubting what you thought was a wonderful bag?

    I think both blue and red are nice colors.

    Finally I have a feeling that based on the "shiny" and "more expensive" that your red sellier K was a box or tad in Rouge H (could very much be wrong though). That is a much more delicate leather than Togo and while many of us looove them they are not for everyone. Was it completely smooth? If so that might be the case.

    But honestly, enjoy your bag!

    edit: wait realized given it’s Sellier it would be more expensive than retourne even without being a more expensive leather. Still - the one you took sounds very lovely! Enjoy her :heart:
  5. I think you made the right choice. And, in my opinion, dark blue is super chic with black.
  6. momoc is so right -
    You might feel that the choice was not truly yours, if you felt guided towards the Midnight Blue.
    However this was quite probably a voice of experience,
    knowing that a very dark blue with gold is a universal useful
    combination that you will ultimately never regret.
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  7. I love midnight blue retourne. I would have chosen that. I wear blue bags with black all the time. It’s such a great choice. Congrats!
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  8. Does Braise come in non-exotic leather? If not, the red bag must have been croc and would have been considerably more expensive than the Togo bag (like 4x) and you definitely made the correct choice, imo.
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you! I think it might have been a Rouge H actually (it all happened so fast)
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  11. I think you should not regret any choices you make - there is a reason you decided against the red k...I think the blue Kelly sounds amazing - enjoy her and wear her in good health !
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  12. I have both red and blue kellys and find that I use my navy blue one more.
    (Blue is retourne and the red is sellier. Both 32 GHW.)
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    I'm sure you will have no problem rocking your bag :smile:
    Dark blue & red are *the* colors I would recommend as first choices for branching out from black and neutrals into any color. They are the easiest to use IMO. And bleu nuit is one of those colors that is true H magic (as in, it can change depending on lighting and is quite special). Specifically this shade of blue I would say is easier to use than any reds or other blues due to its darkness. Obviously Rouge H is classic too - I honestly think it's win-win and would tell you to not regret it in either case.

    I'm sorry if I was coming off a little strong in that first reply. I totally understand how you may feel - we see many people second-guessing themselves especially with FSH purchases (ok maybe not THAT many and I just tend to remember them all because I’m completely addicted to this forum and read them all). But there really is no need or use. Feel free to share pics of the beauty you got when you have time / want to! Would love to see and drool over it, it's actually a color on my wishlist (albeit with PHW instead of GHW)!
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  14. I think you made a great choice, even if you did feel “guided,” it sounds like the SA was really trying to steer you toward a bag you would use and not regret.

    Sellier vs. retourne is a very personal choice, there is no right or wrong, just what you prefer. As someone else said, a Seller bag will look bigger than a Retourne in the same size. Sellier will also hold a bit less and be stiffer to use.

    Re. color, unless you are sure you are a “red bag person” or simply dislike blue, I would go for the navy blue bag every single time. Even though I prefer PHW over Gold, I would still take the blue one. I have Kelly’s in both dark blue (35) and rouge vif (32) and I use the blue one a LOT more. The red is very bright, even in the smaller size.

    Chances are, you would be doubting your choice in either case. It’s human nature. I hope you use your new K and really love it!
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  15. The Midnight Blue is a great choice for your first Kelly, IMO
    The color is wearable virtually all year around, it is timeless, classic & chic
    Give yourself a chance to get used to it & you will realize the choice was the right one
    Rock that bag & enjoy it!!
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