Would you choose a Metallic White or a Classic Flap?

  1. Well.. looking at the picture of the metallic white I must say that i like it, but that depens on the fact that it doesn't look like white, more like light gold :smile:Have you seen it IRL?
  2. Hmm.. I think both would be beautiful additions to any collection. I'm really scared of color transfer on the regular white flaps, though.
  3. I think the white is more classic, but I love the metallic white and personally prefer it because it's so gorgeous and different.
  4. I have the white caviar jumbo and I absolutely adore it. :yes: If you get the caviar leather, I think it will be much more durable over the leather of the reissue.

    The reissue definitely screams class though, although it definitely looks more light gold than white to me. I've never seen it IRL though, so I can't truly judge by a picture alone.
  5. if for classic flap, i wuld prefer white but dark white...don't think the metallic white looks nice to me! Anyway, personal preference, it's impt that u must like it, so it still rely on urself which u like MOST.
  6. For me I would get the white classic cuz I saw the metallic white and I don't really like it.

    If you like both colours I would suggest you get the metallic white first cuz that will probably be harder to find later. It seems like they always make the white classic.
  7. I'd stick with the classic flap. Its probably more durable too.
  8. do u guys know if the classic white comes with the new chain?
    i adore that chain =]
  9. how about BOTH!!!!!!