Would you choose a HOT pink flap or a ROSE pink?

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  1. I can't seem to decide because I've never seen either of them IRL but I'm looking to buy one today on ebay! Please help! :flowers: Btw.. my purse ban is sooo over.. it only took like 3 weeks before I caved in :shame:
  2. I would go for the rose
  3. I like the hot pink.
  4. I think the rose would be less trendy and more classic.
  5. Rose pink. It's a beauty.
  6. Rose pink is :love:
  7. rose pink
  8. yes, rose would be less trendy...
    hot pink is too much in your face, lol
  9. Rose Pink :smile:
  10. Rose pink.
    But I would want both of course
  11. Rose pink..I have 2...they are tdf!
  12. Definitely a rose pink flap.
  13. rose pink?:rolleyes: i saw it in picture, very nice.

    my hot pink bag only went out of the door once. and my dh thought it looked weird on me.
    i am planing to use it with a white dress white jeans or something this summer. yeah, not very easy to pull it off.
  14. I love BOTH shades of pink. But I honestly LOVE the hot pink... but that's because hot pink/magenta is one of my all time favorite colors -I think it would be cute on black/white/grey outfits, like a great splash of color in the bag. That said though, as others have mentioned, maybe the rose pink might be easier to match, or "a bit more classic" -although I would still wear the hot pink even if it was "out" by everyone else's standards ;) Good luck... let us know what you decide! -and 3 weeks ain't bad, I think others have caved even sooner than that! LOL
  15. Rose pink - sooo pretty!