Would you change your wardrobe because of a bag?

  1. For years I've worn black, white with red and the occasional pieces in brown. I've bought bags to match those colours - choc, black, red.
    That began to change when I bought tangerine Araline and totally changed when I bought pink (lavender) Martha & magenta Hanover in the Christmas sale.
    Not only have the clothes had to change - I'm big into navy & pink now - but I've also had to completely change my make up!!
    This morning I've found a Boden mac in the sale which has tangerine spots on it - snapped it up to go with Araline!!
    So, what I want to know is - would you go as far as buying new clothes in new colours just to go with your bags????
  2. I don't usually have any big changes in my color scheme, but for special occasions I have definitely chosen the bag first, and then decided on the best outfit to go with it.

    :yes: :rolleyes:
  3. The answer is no. No. And No. I wear black. I wear white. I wear jeans. All my handbags can be worn with anything. I don't buy clothes to go with handbags. I buy handbags to go with clothes.
  4. No not really-I just need to buy more Mulberry bags, one in each colour.

    Can`t go wrong then!!
  5. No, I love clothes and fashion and probably more than I do bags.
  6. I do both - I buy handbags to match my clothes and sometimes clothes to match a certain handbag. Anything to go shopping, lol!
  7. Now I've got a few good bags as it were I'll certainly think about my bigger purchases ie coats/ boots/shoes and make sure they are going to look good with my bags!!!!
  8. I don't change wardrobe because of bag and usually I like to use black bag. Black bag is match with any wardrobe.
  9. When I shop for clothes and shoes, I always think about what bag will look best. Been known to buy shoes just for a bag!