Would you carry your LV to church?

  1. For those of you who attend church, would you feel comfortable carrying your LV bag while in attendance?

    I was faced with this decision this morning and opted to go with something a little more understated. It kind of felt silly to change my bag for church in this way but I thought I would have felt uncomfortable or have drawn attention to myself if I had carried it.

    I attend a wonderful church and the people are great and all dress well.....etc...but I've never seen anyone carry a LV bag or any other real high end bag to church even though I know some of the women who attend have them.

    What is your feeling on this issue? I'd be curious to know...Thanks!
  2. Hmm. Well, I'm Jewish, but if I was faced with going to synagogue with or w/o LV i would. Just not anything loud like MC or Vernis.
  3. Of course I would (and have). I always see LV there (when I go-which hasn't been in a while)!
  4. I don't know why I felt uncomfortable about carrying it. I guess because it is Mono. If it had been Damier or Epi that would have been different I guess.....
  5. Why not? Unless you are a sanctimonious person?
  6. Ehm... I'm not religious, so I don't attend church, but I see nothing wrong w/ carrying your LV to church.
  7. I'm a church organist part-time along with my other job. I take my mono speedy and damier speedy to church all the time.
  8. I understand where you're coming from, even with my black on black signature Coach bag I feel funny carrying it into church. You can't really see the C's, but it's still a little embarassing for me because the people in the pew behind me can tell.

    But I think you and I are just both a little self conscious. Don't be ashamed of your Mono LV, God doesn't judge your handbag...just put more money in the collection plate (if you're Catholic) haha! :biggrin:
  9. I have taken my LV to church...didn't seem like a big deal to me or anyone else ;)
  10. Hmmmm....thanks for your input very much ladies. I guess I was just feeling self-conscious because I don't remember seeing other members carry such a bag. However, I'm a person who normally does what I wish anyway...lol (I'm and Aries btw...lol)...so I have no idea of why I changed my bag this morning.
    I guess next time I'll just go with it....and not even think about it twice.
  11. :roflmfao: good one. That's what I was thinking...they may expect me to give a little more now.....LOL J/K

    I attend a non-denominational church. I don't align myself with any particular religion.
    I mean, I drive my car there--mine or my husbands and we both have what would be considered 'luxury' cars...so I don't know why I'd feel as if I couldn't carry the bag. Silly now that I think about it...lol.
  12. I totally feel you on this one....great question!

    I usually carry my damier of epi bags to church. I always feel like I am announcing to the world that I have an LV when I carry the mono pieces out, especially at work or church.

    With that said, those are my personal feelings. WHen I do see others at church or work with a mono piece, I don't feel any different about them....nor do I assume anything about their personal lives.

    For some reason, I often feel as though people assume things (good and bad) when I carry the mono.
  13. My mono speedy goes with me everywhere, even to church.:smile:
  14. I'd use Epi or Damier.
  15. I don't think you should feel uncomfortable about using your designer bags in church. I usually use my designer bags when I attend church. Theres a few people in my church who use LV, Coach, Burberry, etc. during mass. We should be thankful for being able to afford such nice bags! :angel: