Would you carry your Hermes to a job interview?

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  1. Hi gals,

    I'm new to the blog. So, please excuse this thread if you have seen it elsewhere, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Hermes is a quality bag, but would any one of you seriously carry the birkin or the kelly to an interview? They have many models that doesn't scream Hermes, but the above 2 models screams Hermes.

    Any opinions on this is much appreciated. Personally for myself, if I know the interviewer is going to be a woman, I would seriously not carry it and only carry it after I've sussed out the work environment.

    Any help on this is really appreciated.

  2. I think it depends on the type and location of job you're interviewing for. If you were interviewing for a position at a fashion magazine or ad agency, for example, then I think you could carry an Hermes bag. If you're interviewing at a job where your potential co-workers are not as well of and could never afford something like a H bag, then I would not carry one of them or maybe use the ones that don't "scream" Hermes. Personally, I would be very conservative and go with a bag that is not H or one that can't be distinguished as one, especially since this is an interview we're talking about.
  3. No, I wouldn't, unless you are interviewing for the job of editor of a fashion magazine or of a top stylist, or something similar to these. Otherwise it's too much of a statement for a job interview and can be taken the wrong way by people who do not know you well enough. IMO, it's best to leave the Birkins and Kellys for much later.
  4. I guess it depends (not very helpful, I know). Where I live, nobody would recognize an Hermes Kelly or Birkin, so wearing one to an interview would be fine. But, if you have doubts, listen to your inner voice and leave the expensive bag at home.
  5. Definitely not ! I agree with Tokyo Traveller. It's too much of a statement. It's best to stick to lower profile bags.
  6. thanks all for such quick & helpful replies.

    What kind of Hermes bag would any of you recommend to a job interview? I'm so tired of frittering my money away on other perhaps "lower quality" bags.
  7. I would take a "lower profile" Hermes bag to an interview but never a "statement piece" like a Kelly or a Birkin. It would give off the wrong message.
  8. What would you consider "lower profile" from Hermes? Forget about the contance, surely. That simply screams Jackie O.
  9. Good question..... no, I would not take a Birkin or a Kelly. I don't own a Bolide, but if I did, I would take that or a Paris-Bombay.
  10. this is a good question. i guess its the same way i feel about wearing my engagement/wedding ring to an interview fashion or not.
  11. Well, it depends on how big the rock is! If it's one of those Liz Taylor ones, they are going to tell you, 'Darling, you don't need a job'.
  12. Sorry to get off the track here, when I found out how much my husband wanted to shell out for a rock. I forbid it immediately and have reinvested stocks/bonds/real estate.

    So, I'm rockless but I'm happy with my platinium ring from Tiffany.

    Back to Hermes, does anyone know what sizes does the Bombay comes in? I saw a long rectangular one today, black. Any ideas, gals?
  13. I would go to an interview very conservative. You don't want to give the wrong impression and you want to be judged on your work skills, not your bag.
  14. I would wear my Trim II - this one seems more understated & looks conservative..:flowers:
  15. LOL, are you kidding? That's another Jackie O bag, Constance and Trim are her favorites. Can you post a pic of your Trim II?
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