Would you carry this??

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Would you carry this??

  1. Ew, no!!!

  2. Maybe, like say if it was Halloween...

  3. It's cute and fun!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]
  2. It's cute and funny but I wouldn't carry it,NOOOOOO:weird:
  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhh. no.
  4. Can't think of any situation when it would be my first choice...
  5. I voted maybe if it was Halloween. It would be even better if it worked...LOL! You gotta have fun w/ urself every once in awhile and laugh at yourself sometimes.
  6. ^^You were the one!!! Haha....
  7. Yep! If you can't laugh at yourself, then who else can you laugh at? That's my motto. I think it would be funny to carry that around and see all the funny stares you get. But that's my limit. As far as a regular handbag, not a chance in he$$!!!! :smile:
  8. No....the phone stays at home.
  9. I would for a night out.
  10. haha, i just saw this pic at people.com. uh-uh.
  11. ^^Yeah, that's where I got it!! I thought my PF buddies could use a laugh :smile:
  12. Sure I would! That's a funny bag! :biggrin:
  13. Hm, not so sure I could pull that one off
  14. Haha that's funny! :bigsmile: If I carried it I would be all talking in it and loving the looks I'd get lol.
  15. It really made me smile.