Would you carry these together???

  1. I need a new bag to take my stuff back and forth to work (and being a teacher, I have plenty of it!). I think I want to get the Coach Mini Signature Messager in black. I do have a cute black Coach purse that matches it, but this fall, I plan to use my new purses... a Coach Soho Leather Flap in camel (outlet purchase... love it!) and the Signature Shoulder Tote in dark brown. I'd need to carry both the messenger bag with my work stuff, AND the purse with my personal stuff... would you use these together? The messenger bag and shoulder tote below are correct... the other one just shows the color of the camel colored purse.

    Edit: OK, the one that shows the camel color isn't showing up as a thumbnail, so just click on the "no idea" file (since I'm not sure what the bag is called) to see the color of my Soho flap! :shame:
    Coach Mini Signature Msgr.jpg Coach Signature Shoulder Tote.jpg Coach no idea.gif
  2. Here's the flap purse so everyone can see them altogether =)
  3. Thanks... why didn't I think of doing that? :P
  4. And hmm that's a tough call.. I know I'm definitely not perfectly coordinated all the time. I'll admit to having used a black ID card holder with a brown purse :shame:

    If you love all those purses then go for it, they're fabulous pieces. And it's not like you're going to be wearing all three purses on your shoulder simultaneously so I don't think you have to worry about clashing.
  5. I'd be using probably 2 of them at a time... So like, I'd carry the messenger in black (every day) with the dark brown tote. Or with the camel soho strap.... I'm just afraid people would look at me and be like "Ewwww..." I like the black messenger a lot, but maybe I need to be thinking about the brown instead. *sigh* Such decisions!
  6. Would you be putting the tote/satchel inside the messenger? Or carrying them separately?
  7. Separately... the tote would be too large to fit inside the messenger. The only one that would work going inside would be my cute black signature bag... but that would match anyway!
  8. i think the camel and the messenger would work, i dont think two siggies at once would work out as well.
  9. if the sig. messenger was darker i would say go ahead, but the mini sig and large sig don't really work for me...have you tried them on together?? you should take a picture and upload them so we can see. it may look different on than separate images.
  10. I would not...the different size signature and the different styles would keep me from doing it...if they were different size pieces of the same line I might consider it...but I think its too much signature.