Would you carry receipts with you?

  1. I tried to search for any thread on this but couldn't find any..
    So I'm sorry if this was being missed out.

    My sis told me that she have read a news (mths bck) on a stylist (David Gan)from Singapore(he's famous there) who was stopped at the Paris airport and got questioned for the LV he was carrying. It was the real deal, of course.:yes:

    Apparently, the custom spotted him with his LV, checked his passport..and since the country he's frm is on the list (they got a list of countries where fakes LV are sold..), they held him for hours!
    It's kinda ironic that they are in Paris itself, but it took them hours to confirm the authenticity. So the upset stylist took the risk of leaving without his bag and let the custom do their own investigation to confirm the authenticity. - He was getting late for the hairstylist convention he's attending..

    So far I had no problem as I often flew to Paris.. But after learning of this news, as much as I don't like the idea of carrying my receipts around, I have no choice but carries the receipt of the bag I'm carrying whenever I travel to any part of Europe especially Paris. :hysteric:

    Anyone heard of such incidents?
  2. Nope I wouldnt carry mine, but then again i dont leave the country and most likely wouldnt take my lv's with me.
  3. After reading this, I may have to carry a copy of receipt just in case. I will be traveling to countries that sell fakes. :s
  4. I have seen it on a TV programme where police waited at the border and search cars any fake bags (but these where obvious) where cut up right there
  5. Wouldn't they be able to call the LV store and verify that it was bought from there? Our purchase histories are in the system and a quick call could be made to confirm that. IMO. I don't know what their procedure is with situations like this but I would assume something would be in place already.
  6. I would never carry LV recipts but when I went to Hong Kong I took my new Pochette Accessories and my Older Bucket Bag. I was totally scared that they were going to get seized at customs!
  7. I would never do that is quite ridiculous IMO I have been in paris many times and never been asked like that (with my LV of course) it is too much to carry reciepts,´what I know is that is very punished to purchase fakes in italy here in sweden I saw on the news several weeks ago that in italy they charged the parent's of a 13 year old kid because he bought and was carrying a fake watch (they didn't say which brand) the punishment was up to 1000 € :wtf:
  8. Yes, when I go to abroad I bring my receipts with me, to verify they were bought in the US and returning...it's a good idea, not only with LV but any electronics or jewelry too. The US customs recommends you do this. Not neccessarily because they will think it's fake, but so they don't try and charge custom fees on them.
  9. OH mY!
    This hits too close to home for me.
    When I returned from Paris..I got detained in customs for HOURS....I got FINED(It ended up being over 800 dollars!) for any designer item I had that did NOT have a receipt.They were brutal..had me in tears.
    Luckily..I did carry most of my receipts inside each item....but not ALL of them.Customs told me you are REQUIRED to provide them with receipts OR they WILL either SEIZE the items..or Fine you.When they seize them....it may take MONTHS to get them back after proving they are yours too..So I paid my fines and was very traumatized by the abusive customs agents.
  10. I don't bring my receipts, but if customs people are cracking down like that then I'll take them with me when I travel. Even a phone call to a US store would be a hassle if I was overseas. Also, I wouldn't want to pay customs fees.
  11. MYGOD I regret saying it is ridiculous to carry reciepts
    sorry that happened to you 800$ wow
  12. i think i will stay home.
  13. Actually, I totally understand what happened.

    Trademark infringement is VERY serious in France, more than anyone would ever think. It is true that the Police (Commisariat) will give you a hard time at "La Douane" if you can't prove that these items are yours to keep, especially if the stuff you're carrying is BRAND new.

    Easiest solution: keep EVERYTHING of LV or name brand in your luggage. As long as they don't see it, they can't bother you. That's what I do when I go to Paris, and I go there often.

    It can be wise to carry your receipts, but just 'hiding' it is good enough. Just make sure to check it in the under-compartment luggage and not as a carry-on. :yes:
  14. OMG Jill- that's awful.. I usually do not travel with my LV bags, I carry a simple, cheap bag with no logos. I'm too afraid of having my bag stolen, or people targeting me and my DH because they think we look like we have money.
  15. I am glad to know that I wasn't a paranoid nutcase! I guess next time I just won't bring them with me.