Would you carry heavier items in your B Bag?

  1. I just got my Black City!! :yahoo: I already have an Ink First, but thought that I could use the City for work as well as purse (to justify the purchase :s ). I wanted to know if any of you carry files, books, or anything heavier than normal purse items? And do you think it will be okay if I do?
  2. i also wanted to ask this question. what about for a laptop? Do you think a weekender would be better?
  3. My laptop won't fit in my city, but it does fit in my work. I don't carry my laptop great distances in it, though. Really just to and from my car. It is a MacBook so it is pretty light.
  4. I do but I always hope the leather will hold :confused1: That's one reason I've grown a bit weary of bbags.
  5. Yup, I carry heavy items in my CITY... well it's always jam packed when I'm on my way to work therefore its quite heavy...:shame: I probably should find a WORK colour that I'm happy with...
  6. I used to carry my laptop in my Work, but stop doing after couple of tried. The laptop does stay well in the Work because the bag is so soft and doesn't provide any support and protection for the laptop.
  7. i'm constantly stuffing my work with books, extra shoes and god knows what else. she's held up like a trooper for 2 years!
  8. You could get a sleeve protector for your laptop and *then* put it in your Work. I am always finding an excuse to use a bbag. ;)
  9. For me, when I had larger ones--I've whittled down my collection to Classiques--it was an aesthetic issue. I didn't like the way heavy things would pull the handles and I didn't like the way the bottom of the bag would look. So I wouldn't use a Bal bag for heavy things for that reason. Even if the leather was tough enough to take it, it always LOOKED as if it weren't tough enough.
  10. I have been sick with a cold, so I wanted to carry all these water bottles with me the other day to work. I had to attend a conference all day, so I put 3 water bottles in my city, and it worked great!
  11. I've carried books and files in a city with no problem. I'm not sure about a laptop though, you probably want a bigger bag.
  12. i use a sleeve protector for my laptop and stuff it into my extra courier -- works fine for me!
  13. I pack a lot of stuff into my Work, and I always get worried that the leather isn't going to hold up!
  14. i cary Lotsa stuff in my bbag.. i WANT it to have a used looked...!! whatever i can fit in there, goes in there!! :biggrin: The leather is quite sturdy!
  15. I'm a student, bookseller and general bibliophile, so my bags tend to carry a lot of books - often heavier hardcovers - with no ill effects that I've noticed. :shrugs: