Would You Carry a Fleur de Jais Speedy Overseas??

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  1. I just got my Fleur de Jais Speedy today! GORGEOUS! LOVE! Just so happens we are leaving for Italy in the morning on a 2 week trip. I really would love to take her on the trip but wasn't sure if that might not be a good idea. I thought I could dress her up or down. I would put the sleeper bag inside and put her in to "sleep" while on the plane. Comments welcome! :flowers:
  2. if you are travelling, i might take a bit more forgiving bag with me. you never know what someone else might do by accident to your bag while you are travelling!
  3. I'm sorry but I would not take her ^^''
  4. I pretty much had the feeling the consensus was going to be a no go but thought I would ask anyway! Even though it feels really well made as far as the sequins go, I would be devastated if it got damaged! Guess I will take my Tivoli!:pout:
  5. I have to say that I would take it if I owned one.. Accidents can happen anywhere, doesn't matter if it's a vacation or not. But if you think you're going to be spending all of your time worrying about the bag during your trip, definitely don't bring it because it'll ruin the mood.
  6. I wouldn't and the Tivoli sounds like a better option :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! I put her away until I return....my heart wants to take her but my head says probably best not to! Unless I get some comments by morning from someone who has actually traveled with one successfully, it looks like Mizzz Tivoli GM is headed to Italy! I'll take my amarante Roxbury for when I want something smaller or dressier.
  8. Congrats on the bag. Tivoli sounds like a much better Monogram option. Enjoy Italy!
  9. The fleur wants to see the world, she deserves to!!! Congrats BTW :biggrin:
  10. I wouldn't use her as the sequins are very delicate and my SA stated this range is not everyday one and you would have to be careful with it rubbing against surfaces etc as the sequins may come off. Congrats on your purchase:smile:
  11. Love Italy :love: but the Fleur should stay home safe...
  12. I think i will not...i will pamper the bag if it is really new.

    Very tempted to use it immediately but to play safe, don't take this babe on your trip. :biggrin:
  13. i totally agree with her u never know what might happen & its a really expensive bag , u really don't want to spend most of your time looking after your bag & thinking what if :Push:
  14. I wouldn't. I'd take a pic with my phone or digital camera and take that with me to look at. :smile:
  15. I wouldn't risk taking it!