Would You Carry A 40 Birkin, Or Do You Think It's Much Too Large?

  1. Hello PFers.....

    I'm curious to know if any of you would carry a 40 Birkin.
    Or, would you just use it for a travel bag?

    This opinion will be most meaningful, if you are the type who
    likes a "BIG BAG", in the first place!!!!!

    If you only like/carry smaller bags, than you wouldn't like to carry a 40 Birkin, in any case.

    TsomuchIA for you thoughts!!!!

  2. hey there friend.

    I would. but this is coming from a person that would carry around the YSL muse bag in the oversized before I got into Hermes.

    I love my 35cm birkin and I have a 36cm HAC.

    I mean its no evening bag but I think a 40cm would be a great day bag, travel bag, etc.
  3. If you like it and are comfortable, why not?
  4. I don't like birkin size 40 for myself as I think it is too big for me. Only for travelling is ok. ;)
  5. i am 5'4" and not medium frame girl, i have 2 40cm Birkins and absolutely love them. it can fit so much as a day bag and also a travel bag. One thing is that you might need a purse organizer for the bag to prevent digging in and not finding what you want.
  6. I'm 5'4", too, and I'd be happy to carry a 40cm if I could lift it. For me, the problem with this size is the weight of the bag.
  7. Hi GG,

    I'm so happy to hear from you!!!
    And also like what you had to say!
    I haven't held one in person, but have been trying
    to measure against some other bags....

  8. that might be good advice. get the empty weight of a 35 and an empty weight of a 40 just to see.
  9. but you might ask jaegerhomme, he has bigger bags and they are fantastic.
  10. AAHHHH,
    Thanks for mentioning weight...
    Don't mind "feeling the weight" of my purse,
    but wonder if this is extreme!!!
    Don't mind the weight of a heavy diamond/platinum ring on my finger, either!!!! LOL!!!
    Thanks for mentioning that...do you happen to know how much a 40 weighs...?
  11. PS I bought a 32 HAC Fjord, Rouge VIF, just a little while ago from hermesgoddess, and I LOVE it!!!
  12. I carry one to work. The base appears to be reinforced and more sturdy and does not buckle up unlike the smaller sized birkins when you put in heavy items. It is wider than a 35cm where in you can easily fill in files and large items. But on the weekends, I tend to use the 35s since I want to tote a lighter load and don't carry as much items.
  13. Niobia, maybe a 36cm HAC would be better to do more everyday rather than work?
  14. THANKS SO MUCH, jaegerhomme and gg....
    I am so grateful for your thoughts and info.
    I'm a work at home girl, and don't have to take anything/anywhere, and so, carry my bags as jewelry...
    Does that sound funny to you...
    Sometimes I just drop in sunglasses, phone, and credit cards...and I'm off with the chosen bag of the day/evening.

    I asked this question because I've fallen in love with a
    "CERTAIN' 40, and am trying to figure out if I am crazy to even consider it....
    I think I am cuz of the "carry it as jewelry" part...
    and I just have to find a 35 that I love as much!!!!!

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  15. A Birkin in any size is gorgeous, just be mindful that it can get heavy.