Would you call Silverado a classic?

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  1. What I mean by classic is if you think buying a Silverado is a time-wise investment. If you already own one, do you think it is the kind of bag that you would come back to over and over, season after season? or do you think that your Silverdo is no longer "hip" or "trendy" ?

    Thanks in advance! I am asking this because I am trying to figure out if I should buy the tan Silverado hobo I found on sale at Bloomies.
  2. I love the silverado and I wanted to have at least one in my collection as they are no longer making them. I think they are fun and super casual and look great with jeans, boots etc. You can get a great deal on them now too if you can find them!!
  3. I have only one style of the silverado, but I have it in black, red, chocolate and the saddle tan color. :nuts: It's the large doctor bag style and I LOVE it. The only thing is that I don't load it up as I do with my other Chloes since the handles are not as sturdy (IMHO) as the paddys and I don't want them to get loose or tear...:supacool: I think it's a total classic and will always look cool!:wlae:
  4. I think it is a classic, I searched for one last season when I heard they were going to discontinue the style. I wear it with jeans and casual clothing.......gets lots of compliments.
  5. how much are they at Bloomies?
  6. I love the colour but someone on the forum bought it and from what I can see in the pictures, the buttom of the bag sags. The smaller Silverados don't do that!
  7. Which Bloomies still has some in stock?
  8. I think they are iconic... especially the python ones :love:
  9. I think the Silverado a classic. IMO any well-made bag is a classic.
  10. Chestnut hill, MA
  11. I have two Silverados, one in black and one in chocolate. They are my favorite Chloe bags. They are easy to carry, fairly lightweight and I love the outside flaps and pockets. :smile:
  12. I wouldn't consider it classic but if you like it who cares? Carry it with pride :smile: I sold mine as I am a true shoulder bag girl and it drove me nuts that I couldn't carry it on my shoulder all the time. Plus I didn't like the snap piece that goes over the main zipper, kind of cumbersome. It's truly a beautiful style though, I had the python cognac in medium.
  13. I love the look but I would not consider it a classic... especially since they are not making them anymore... seems like the style is a little outdated or seasonal
  14. I caved in and bought the beige Silverado this past Sat. It is such a pretty bag. I am so happy with it!:yahoo: Thanks everyone! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
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