Would you by re-purposed clothes for your lil ones?

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Would you buy re-purposed clothes for your lil one?

  1. yes!!

  2. no way! EWW!!

  3. maybe - depends on the cuteness

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  1. I am curious and just wanting opinions.

    Say someone takes:
    -old sheets (clean with no stains) and makes really cute dresses or skirts.
    -old (but cute) baby blankets and turns them into burp cloths with style
    -old jeans and makes ruffled skirts out of them with either new or re-purposed material.
  2. My vote is maybe, but then again I cannot sew!
  3. I like the ideas but I'm too afraid to buy anything used with the national bedbug epidemic!
  4. i don't buy used anything, so likely i would not.
    but i know vintage and recycled stuff is hot, so many would.
  5. Unfortunately, as the temporary closure of some retail establishments in NY due to bedbug infestation, items do not have to be used in order to carry bedbugs. They can occur almost anywhere.

    I would likely not be interested in repurposed clothing for children, though. But as alliemia said, vintage and "green" items are very popular now, so it might really be a draw for some people.
  6. and I just noticed that i misspelled BUY :Push:

    thanks for sharing ladies!
  7. if it's cute and not expensive i will consider all 3 options u have listed :smile:
  8. for further knowledge, what would you consider too expensive ms p?

    i'm trying to figure out pricing. i don't want to let my items go for dirt cheap, as it does take quite a bit of time sewing and making them. but then i don't want them to be too expensive that people think i'm asking for a ridiculous amount for them.

    here are some items that i have made/sewn:

    this is with all new materials

    this is with re-purposed levi's jeans and new materials
  9. I always buy from consignment stores for my LO, so I totally would!

    Those both are super cute! As for pricing, you have to be competitive. I started making bows and considered selling them, but there are so many other moms who do the same and I won't give my stuff away like a lot people do on Etsy. It also depends where you will be selling them. You can get more locally by word of mouth. I have a bunch of friends purchasing my bows and am now being considered by a boutique to sell wholesale to.

    I would say $20-25 for either of them would be fair, but I don't know what your cost for materials or time was. If you aren't making much after cost, then it is not worth your time, kwim?
  10. thanks TallulahJane - i have them priced in that range right now :smile:

    as for materials...i don't remember how much the material was per sq yrd (i bought it while i was pregnant and now my baby is going on 18mths - lol) so that will definitely be a defining factor when i buy new material.

    the skirt was was made from holey jeans...so those were pretty much trash and the ruffles are from some left over material...but it did take some time to figure out how to do it and i learned a lot from that first experience. so i guess that's where i have an issues, i don't know how much to charge for my time...
  11. wow the skirt looks really pretty :heart:! i don't spend much on dd clothes as they grow out of them so fast, it almost always ends up with some stain etc. unless i'm buying as a gift for other kiddo i'll only spend less than $20 per piece for daily wear stuff. i'm a bargain shopper when it comes to clothes so for me the prices has to be below that of other brands if i were to purchase re-purposed clothes. i think u need to ask yourself is it a hobby or a business u are seeking when u make the clothes. if it's hobby the price definitely needs to cover the material cost, if it's for business or extra money than u need to price how much u are willing to let go of your hard work. good luck!
  12. thanks for the input!!

    i really do appreciate it! :smile:

    and it's hard to tell in the pic, but the skirt has 3 ruffles.
  13. That skirt is adorable! Great Job! :tup:
  14. thanks chodessa!! :biggrin:
  15. no little one for me yet, but I would absolutely proactively purchase re-purposed clothes/toys for them and myself (within reason of course).

    Great items! You should start an etsy store!