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  1. a Kelly if it is missing key components like the tirette, keys and lock? (read: bag only with sleeper and box).

    I'm debating......

    Any thoughts?
  2. It would depend on the condition of the bag, and if the price was reasonable considering some components are missing.
  3. I would if a) you have complete faith in the seller, and 2) the tirette is in a skin that could be replaced at Hermes. If the bag is totally rare, I'd overlook the missing tirette though. I usually have mine on my bags so it's something that I would want, but I'd forgo it if it were a bag I knew was rare and/or at a great price.
  4. These are things that can be made for this Kelly, so is there some other reason for your hesitation?
  5. Heck yes I'd get it!

    Everything else being on the level like condition, seller, and authenticity, I'd absolutely go for it. I rarely use my lock and keys/tirette so I wouldn't even notice :smile:

    Let us know what you decide!
  6. I would only if it were a leather currently produced and I could add those items later. But they are important to me. If you don't like to have them on your bag anyway, then it wouldn't really matter.
  7. I trust the seller, I have bought a couple of things from them.
    Condition is that its nearly perfect with no cracking, or leaching of leather, I guess when I buy my next H bag I'll have to remember to get GH to match.
    DH has suggested I get a masterlock for it, he thinks it might look avante garde.
    My reaction was ::wtf::lol:
  8. sure -- just put a cadenas charm on it, and then there's no reason for the keys since they don't open anything on the bag.
  9. I would if I know it is a bag I am definitely keeping for life (ie. for me it would be a black box 28cm kelly with gold hardware, as opposed to a colored one I may change my mind about) since I don't use my kellys with the keys, lock and clochette anyway.
  10. If its the one I am thinking of, its lovely. I would in a hot second.
  11. if the Kelly isin good shape get it, you can replace the lock and the tirette
  12. Absolutely. A tirette can be replaced and cadenas are so much prettier than the locks.
  13. What is a tirette?
  14. The thingamagic that holds the keys so they don't scratch your bag.
  15. Heck yeah! If it were a grail Kelly in otherwise excellent condition and the price was fair for a bag without parts.....then I wouldn't hesitate. Especially if you have already worked with the seller successfully......I'd just do as DQ suggests and dangle a great cadena off her hardware!!!!