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Would you buy two black box Birkin in different size with different HW?

  1. Yes! Of course!

  2. No...They are too similar...buy somthing else...

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  1. Hi~! How many of you would buy black box Birkin 35cm with GH if you already have black box 30cm with ruthenium HW?

    Are they too similar? I think this situation is worse than I had a dilema to buy raisin birkin35cm while I already have raisin shoulder Birkin. At least shoulder Birkin and birkin 35cm looks quite different...but Birkin 35cm and 30cm have the same shape...just different size with different hardware..What do you think?

    Sorry for my too-often dilema nowadays...:sad: Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. it depends. on the one hand a 30 and 35 birkin are pretty similar but you aren't carrying them at the same time! i think it would be ok. me personally, no, because i don't plan to buy too many birkins (sad, isn't it! :biggrin: ) and i'd like to get a different color at some point.
  3. I vote YES!! OK, if you had said the same size I may have voted differently, but some people have MANY different black bags. If you love black & you love birkins (and how could you not?) these 2 would be great. The different sizes & hw would look quite different with your outfits, and there are times where a 35 will be too big, KWIM?
  4. I would at least try to a different leather in black just to get more of a difference,
  5. Yes, I would, in fact I probably will....
  6. Actually, if I were you.......I'd sell my 30cm Black Box Birkin with Ruthenium to S'Mom and then buy the one with gold!!!!!!!!
  7. D! You are SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao: I love your humor and jokes! I LOVE it whenever you say 'oyi (am I spelling it right..?)'
  8. MY VOTE IS YES!!!!!!!:tup::graucho:
  9. different hardware and size makes a difference in look/appearance, so yes!
  10. Noooo, I would pass the 35cm. Blk box w/ GH on to MrsM:heart::graucho:!!! I actually might try to get one of them in another leather such as chevre....but if you like both sizes and really do use 35 cms. enough then it is a good buy. I remember you as petite, but if you use the 35s, then BUY all means!!! But, I also remember that pretty much anything looks great on you. :smile:

  11. Hmm, I guess it depends on financial priorities.

    For the money, I would prefer to get a Birkin that is a bit more different than one that I already own (although albiet I assume it is a different look).
  12. In all seriousness, I would buy both if I could. You can never have too many black Box bags!!!!!
  13. here are my thoughts.

    some people really just love a certain look and its totally their style. And having simular things in different styles really works for them.

    then others like to get alot of different things and have variety because that is their desire.

    so you have to ask yourself what type of person are you?

    put yourself in your Hermes shoe...do you see that you really like what is your style, etc

    Hermes cost alot of money so you just have to thing about yourself and what will make you happy.
  14. It's fine, cause they still have differences between them!
  15. if 30 is small for your liking, i'll get the 35 and sell the 30.. If not.. they are too similar so save ur $$$ and buy another combo instead