would you buy two?

  1. i like the mk sloan small quilted leather bag. it's very functional and so far i'd been drooling all over it! i don't own any mk purses to know how good their quality is. i don't want to buy two of the same purses because i am not sure when my taste will change and if my bag will even break. what would you recommend? buy two or stick with just one?
  2. You only need one. I find Michael Kors quality to be excellent. All of my bags are still in amazing condition. Unless you beat the crap out of your bags, you have nothing to worry about. Buying two would be extremely excessive and unnecessary.
  3. I have a few MK's. I been in the Greyson satchel since November! I use as my handbag/diaper bag. I take good care of it, but use it for all the space. Honestly, I've packed to the gills, used it just for me & then again for everything. And it still looks amazing!! Well worth it!!!

    For reference, the large bag can hold a full MK wallet, iPad, makeup bag, 2 Barbies, hot wheels, diaper changing pad & wipes, a water bottle, a lots of other small things! With all i carry, I've weighed it at 8 pounds, frequently holds 4 (more on weekends with the little ones stuff, lol). I couldn't be happier with it!

    The handles a great, construction is solid, and the do warranty for 1 year.

    You won't be disappointed. :smile:
  4. for sure both! ;)
  5. Personally I wouldn't buy two of the same purse. Too many other beauties to choose!