Would you buy two?

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  1. Call me crazy but when I find something that catches my eye especially in purses I tend to buy two. Is it crazy to want to store one and use the other? What do you think?
  2. I think it would be a waste of money to be honest. I get tired of bag styles and if I had a spare, it takes so long to get a bag to where it isn't nice anymore, I would be tired of it by the time I needed the spare. So no, I'd save my money and buy one at a time. Now if it was something like a speedy 30 (and I've carried a mono speedy since the late 1970s), if I saw a beautiful one very cheap, I might buy a spare for the future, but that would be the only instance I might do that.
  3. I totally agree with everything charleston-mom posted. Personally, I would rather use the money on something else instead of buying a bag just for storage. You can get some nice SLGs to complement the new bag instead of having one that's just going to sit around collecting dust. I buy multiples of bags too but in different lines, like Ebene, Azur, etc so I get plenty of use out of the all while still loving the base style of the bag, like the Neverfull or Speedy. Maybe if it was some less expensive bag from Target or something I would totally do that, but I wouldn't drop several hundreds if not thousands on an exact copy of the same bag at the same time. If X bag wore out and needed to be replaced, then I'd buy another, but not two from the get-go.
  4. i do that for something less expensive like finding the perfect pair of jeans, but for purses that cost as much as LVs do, it seems wasteful to me to buy one that gets used and one that sits in the closet. i buy my bags to use them :biggrin:

    unless i'm misunderstanding you in that you want one to be in pristine condition as more of a collector's item vs. a bag that you will end up using.
  5. I can understand having two of the same bags in different colors to USE not to have one to use and one to keep.
  6. Exactly. I think this is fairly common.
  7. It is crazy to buy two new ones. You are going to be owning so many bags that none of them is going to wear out. Especially LV, they last forevery.
  8. ^^I agree.
  9. ita!!!
  10. Yes, it is crazy!
  11. what's the point? / yes, sounds just a little crazy. :P
  12. I enjoy refining and updating my wardrobe; replicating anything would be too vapid for me. Even something a benign as a little black dress needs tweeking.
  13. Two exact same bags? You definitely need to sleep on that one. Give it some time. For me it is a waste of money and a pity for the storage bag.
  14. Thinking about it, I've actually never worn out a bag, not even cheaper bags. I've either grown tired of them and given them away/sold them, or I've put them away at the back of my wardrobe.

    Even if I wanted to, my LV wishlist is far too long to allow for duplicate purchases!