Would you buy tosca birkin when you have fuschia??

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  1. i am stuck in this dilemma now
    my sa called me today informed me there is a tosca birkin 35 in the store
    reserved for me i am going in 2mr but the thing is i already have fuschia
    i dont know what i should do now because tosca is so different to fuschia and yet they are still under the same color category "pink"
    i hav always wanted a red birkin and tosca hav that red tone i love.... arrrr cant make up my mind!! suggestions ?!
  2. I wouldn't go for the Tosca Birkin, you don't really need her, cool down and wait for the red one!
  3. To me they are very different and I would go for it, but it also depends on the leather...what leather is your Fucsia and what leather is the Tosca?

    Tosca is such a beautiful rich color. It can go with all the colors, included browns, while Fuscia doesn't IMO.
  4. I would go for it I have a thing for pink but it can play a very different role I have fuschia and got bouganvillier and enjoy them both very very much!!!!!!
  5. i have fuschia in chevre and this tosca is in clemence ....sorry for bad spelling :P
  6. I have seen both IRL, and even though they belong to pink family they are very different...so if u do have the luxury of getting another one in the pink family, sure why not...
  7. Two Gorgeous bags!! In those two leathers, they will be even more different! Go for it!
  8. Take your fuschia with you and compare both bags if you feel when seeing both that there is enought of a difference for you then go for it, good luck with your decision
  9. Good idea!!
  10. Lol funny cuz i left my fuschia in my house over seas I guess I wil hav to use my memory or perhaps they hav sml in fuschia I can compare
  11. Yes!
    NYCity, Tosca is very different from Fuschia.

    I have seen them irl, I own Fuschia, and I can tell you that even if they more or less belong to the same family, the difference between the two is so great that you will make a very different use of your Tosca bag if you buy it.
    The different leather would also obviously accentuate the difference, just like Costa said, because each kind of leather absorbs color pigments differently.

    Btw, Tosca is such an amazing color… go for it, you will not regret it if you love this color family.

    The idea of asking for something fuschia to compare it to in the boutique is great though, and I was about to suggest it when I read your post!
  12. Since you have the Fuchsia, I don't think you need the Tosca - please tell your store to send it to the King of Prussia store.
  13. :giggles:

    I think Fuchsia chevre and Tosca clemence are different enough to merit owning both. I say go for it! Tosca is so pretty!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I have recently bought a tosca 35 and i have a fuchsia b too. Tosca is a very different color and I absolutely love it. It is my new go-to work bag as the color is the perfect addition to any boring black skirt suits. Now I am in a dilemma cause my Hermes collector mom wants this bag too. ha ha ha...