Would you buy this?

  1. So I have the chance to buy a second-hand Musette Salsa for $450. The bag is in gorgeous condition (it looked new to me) and the seller is a reputable high end consignment shop with a good return policy. Should I go for it? I've been looking at pochettes and navonas for my first lv purchase but the long strap on the salsa makes it so convenient. I like to sling my purse on and forget about it which would be so easy with this bag but I am undecided about the look. I probably only have a few days (if that) to make this decision b/c this bag will probably go fast.

    Does anyone own this bag? Any thoughts on how it looks? I am 19 years old, do you think this bag is too mature?
  2. I'm 21 and I'm slowly starting to love the look of both this bag, and the musette tango. If the shape fits you right, and you know it's real, then I'd go for it!