Would You Buy This?!

  1. ewwwwwww..never ever...but 5 people have already!
  2. Apparently, some people want it. It's described as "a little wear and tear" HA!
  3. The zipper area diffenately needs some work :sad: . I wonder how old it is to be in that shape........or someone really got use out of it.
  4. I'd be too embarrassed to carry it. I'd buy a Banana Republic or Coach bag for that price. But if it can make someone's day, than that's a different story. ;)
  5. SURE u can tell no matter what happens to a louie it will always be durable u can even have this refurbished at a louie store
  6. Yeah..if you're willing to go take it to the store and have it fixed up a bit, it's actually a great deal.
    I personally wouldn't, since I like to be the original buyer of my pieces (unless I absolutely can't help it and am buying discontinued items), but for anyone else, sure, why not?
  7. I think I`ll pass :smile:
  8. Oh, wow...personally, I would pass on it. I'd rather put the money towards a new bag or another one in better condition.
  9. lol!! I have a 30 yr orld 35 that looks better than that!....I guess if it goes cheap enough but.....it needs a lot of work....I just noticed the seems on the last pictures....
  10. Yikes, that looks pretty beat up. I'd rather put that money towards a new bag.
  11. Each picture kept getting worse! AHHHH
  12. How much do you think it would cost to refurbish? I see other bags that look kinda shabby but if it's cheap enough maybe it's worth bidding.
  13. I don't think I could buy it even if were really cheap. It's so dirty looking, I don't think there's enough antibacterial spray that could ever fix it for me.
  14. This just looks disgusting.....like the dirt would rub off on my hands. I say NO for me!!!
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