Would you buy this?

  1. I know it's cute and super LE, but I can't imagine ever forking out $1.7K for it :push:
  2. nope.
  3. personally no....but thats because i dont have the money to get it. But if you have the money and like it then go for it!
  4. No, No, No !!!!!!
  5. It's soooo cute tho ! :yes:

    I saw a lady the other way with a lockit and a mini one on it, it was just the most darling thing EVER !
  6. God no.
  7. nope
  8. nope!
  9. only in my dream....
  10. nope! I would rather get $1700 worth of LV keychains if I had to spend that amount on an LV keychain, limited edition or not lol.
  11. No. It's sooo cute tho! I saw this and the lockit but I rather get a larger purse for the money
  12. Well, it's cute, but not worth the money unless that sort of cash wouldn't even put a dent in your wallet!
  13. You couldnt pay me to carry that around..
  14. I would not buy it- I could use that $$ towards many bags
  15. uhh.......no