would you buy this LV bag if you were given $$$?

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  1. hi to all!! if you were given $3,500 to $4,000 USD (or its equivalent) to buy an LV bag, would you buy a sofia coppola bag in gm or pm? why or why not?
  2. I probably would get another Mahina! I'm not a big fan of the SC bags.
  3. mahina!!
  4. Mahina 100%!! My XL is coming...
  5. No, because I could buy more than one LV bag that is probably equally the same quality as the expensive bags and I could switch more than one bag around for use. I can get several great LV bags for that money and get more functionality uses for more than one bag.
  6. Not a fan of the SC bags but I would go on an LV shopping spree!!!!
  7. No, there are a lot of other bags I'd rather buy with that money!
  8. No, I'm not a fan of SC bags. I'd probably buy a Chanel jumbo flap.
  9. Your question is if one would buy a SC bag in the PM or GM. I personally would choose the PM since the GM is too big on me. But if I had $4,000 to spend, I would choose a Mahina L or a Suhali Lockit and use the rest for some SLGs.
  10. I'd get a Mahina, maybe a Keepall and slg's....
  11. No, because I could get 2 other bags for that price!
  12. Not a fan of the SC!
  13. Mahina!
  14. Well, I want an SC Bag (and have been waiting for the PM), so you know what my answer is.
  15. Yes! I bought the cobalt SC when it first came out and totally love it, no regrets whatsoever.