Would you buy this Keepall?

  1. hmm it looks authentic to me
  2. You get a candle with the keepall???? :blink:
    I couldn't see the date code... perhaps you could ask for a pic to be sure?
  3. Ok. Good price, but it sure comes down to several questions to ask yourself. First, are you planning to use it? If yes, noticed the stain, you wouldn't mind to put clothes in it and use it?

    Maybe if you know how to clean the bag, it will be worth the try. What if the stain won't come off?

    I personally think I would wait and look for better deal. I've seen those Keepall for sale used on Ebay for $400-500, nice and clean one too.

    Good luck.

  4. The date code looks like 821... January of 1982. But ya' never can be too sure. I'd ask for a picture of the date code as well!
  5. It's real & definitely vintage. I was always afraid to buy a NEW Keepall because I knew how much abuse it would take! I would definitely by a used one. As far as the price goes, I guess it depends on how much you want it! The opening bid is very cheap. I probably wouldn't go over $200ish range though.
  6. i hope you get a great deal on this bag.
  7. it certainly looks used, and I agree with Darien, would you want to put your clothes in there? It's also definitely authentic, just a little past its prime. But you'll certainly get it for a good deal if you don't mind carrying an older keepall. Goodluck!
  8. But what's with the free candle? :lol:
  9. :lol: :lol: Exactly!!

    Chanelissy, I agree, around $200, it's pretty worn.
  10. It looks a little beat to hell, but I like it because it gives it character. Really cheap too (for now)
  11. I think its beautiful.
  12. It would probably go up more, not sure how much more. I hope you get a good deal on this!
  13. How would one go about cleaning the peice? I.E. with what? :lol:
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