Would you buy this? Is it appealing to you?

  1. just curios?

  2. mmm, yes I think this is nice!
  3. I don't like the lozenges.
  4. All I can think is My boobs would be hanging on the floor!!!:yahoo:
  5. OMG, its has a hang tag!!!!!!!! This is too much (or not enough)! Until I went to the Coach website I thought it was a joke.
    In answer to cha cha's question no, I would not buy this. There is a line between carrying your signature C's proudly and flaunting them, this suit crosses that line. IMO
  6. I really like whole style of the bikini but not the Coach tags so much.
  7. I think it has potential but I wouldnt want the handtag and all the "THIS IS A COACH" indicators so blatant. If it was more streamlined and subtle, I would consider it.

    The top also looks really small to me...
  8. you are hilarious !
  9. Oh lordy... if my body still fit into crap like that....

    Oh sorry... not my taste... some out there probably like it... I was more a halter v-neck girl back in the days of bearing it all... now I am better off with a turtle neck.:sad:
  10. I don't like the lozenges, and the hangtag is a bit much too. The suit is TINY. No way would I wear it, even if I could fit myself into it.
  11. I would need a tummytuck to put that on
  12. No. I think the Ralph Lauren suits are cute, but the metal, the tags and the over all print make it not right for me, but on another, younger chica, sure.
  13. I have one thing to say .....:censor: wardrobe malfunction, lol
  14. No, I wouldn't wear it. I think it is a bit too much.. esp the tags!
  15. Awe,come on! there has to be one person that is going to buy this ?