Would you buy this if this is out in the market?

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  1. I found this design in the Signity contest and am putting out the question on how many people here would be appealed to this design. This designer is also featured in Yankodesign for his concepts. It would be pricey if this concept becomes a physical possibility due to the technology involved and materials invested.

    Would you folks be interested in investing it as a piece of a jewelry even if the price is steep? Just wondering.

    Picture of the watch concept on both link posted.
  2. I wouldn't, because it's too futuristic for my style and because my hands/wrists are too small for bangles. It is an interesting concept, though!
  3. no, that's not for me.
  4. not really my style - it's interesting, but i likely wouldn't wear it though.
  5. No here

  6. I def would wear it.
    Most of my clothes that I wear on a daily basis are Helmut which I think are futuristic.
    And it would go well with some of my wardrobe. If it could be bought in a pearlized color or clear I'd buy it.
  7. Not for me either... creative though!
  8. I really like the concept. Not sure if I'd wear it often but it's definitely a cool looking watch!
  9. Thank you for all your comments so far... the latest has Asia's C-net also buzzing about it and this design really seems to have taken a life of its own.

    I discovered it on Yankodesign which is a designer forum (most all designers know this forum and is quite a text book forum for student designers all over the world) for all cool designs and thought to share how this product might do in an actual market.

    Who knows, as we evolved into materials phase that can project images, the advancement in technology may make this watch a reality in a couple of year.

    So lets take more polls.... Would you buy this?

    P.S. I have also noticed the color used is forecasted for summer 2009 into autumn/winter 2010 color trend "the stellar orange" & "stellar copper".
  10. it's cool and creative, but personally not my style. i have tiny wrists and chunky bangles tend to look awkward on me. also, the bangle and stone say "high fashion" while the actual numbers that tell the time look a bit too digital and dated for my taste.
  11. Not a fan.
  12. No thanks!
  13. No way! Too clunky looking IMO.
  14. Love the concept, but not crazy about the execution.
  15. ^same here