Would you buy this, if it was made?

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  1. they were only made in blue.
  2. Nah, I would pass I am not much of a denim fan though so I am not sure my opinion matters much on this one! I just think it would get pen marks on it and that would drive me crazy!
  3. i wouldn't buy it i have no use for it.
  4. It's cute but I haven't already bought it in blue, so even if it did come in pink I doubt I would get it.
  5. i wouldn't. i don't really like the denim stuff. maybe i'd get it from a different line, like mini lin, though. just not if it was made in denim.
  6. I would but only if it had a liner that may not get damaged easily from pens and such. I tend to use other brands that are cheaper for such items just in case they need replacing. It's very cute though!
  7. I hope the cles comes in pink...
  8. I wouldn't. It reminds me of... nevermind. I don't want my post to get reported. :P
  9. gah- I'd KILL for denim cles in lichen :drool:
  10. This is cute.. but price point would definitely play a role.
  11. omg ok im one of those freaks that would LOVE that!!! :smile: haha im getting my mba and about to start law school so how hot would that be carrying my highlighters and junk? i currently have a hello kitty that i love to death...but come on now, thats hot!!!

    but honestly i dont like the denim line :sad: but i would probably get it anyways
  12. Nah
  13. If LV was to come out with it I would get it in a heart beat. I hate that the Denim accesories are only in blue. :hysteric:
  14. if it was in the green lichen color: yes
  15. i think i wont buy it