Would you buy this, if it was made?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I thought this was already made? The speedy case GM/PM i guess.

    But I won't spend so much money and use it as a pencil case
  3. Interesting :smile:
  4. no i wouldn't
  5. I think that it's super cute. I don't have anything from the denim line but I would consider buying it depending on the price.
  6. denim accessories are only in BLUE!
  7. Yes I'm pretty sure they were made too the Speedy case just like Rolexian said. I would love to have it I think it's cute.
  8. I agree, I thought they were made too. But I've only seen the blue ones, so I'm not sure if they made the other colors. I wouldn't buy it, though. Too small to carry anything important that I would need daily that I don't already have in a small purse inside my large one.
  9. Only in blue!
    I think if they were made in the pink and green we would have seen a posting about it or a member would have it :smile:

  10. I might...I think it's cute in the small color...would be a great makeup case!
  11. ^^ agree, even the flat pouch in the pink... *drools*
  12. :yes::yes:Yep, only in blue. Too bad the pink is cute.
  13. so cute...yah, I thought I've seen them in blue as well...
  14. I would definatly but the flat pouch in pink and green
  15. I love little accessories like that - I am obsessed with cosmetic bags and stuff so yes I would probably buy it.