Would you buy this (cheap but rather well worn!) Bolide bag?

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  1. I've never seen this bag in real life. But Housing Works (I'm obsessed with their web site -- secondhand designer goods, all to benefit a charity that helps homeless/HIV New Yorkers -- they're amazing) posted this bag on its web site. Condition isn't great, but I wonder if it could be fixed up at the spa? But I have NO IDEA what the bag itself is like (if I'd even like it, or if it's popular enough these days for me to resell it for a decent price?) https://shop.housingworks.org/product/224096

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  2. That's a whole lot of questions about this bag and this one site's items (along with all of your other posts).

    Obviously, if you're a potential buyer, read up here on TPF about the bags you're considering. There are thousands of posts and threads to answer your questions. But if I were you I'd want rock solid info on the authenticity of these items, and suggest you try to get that as well.

    And generally speaking, with no knowledge of the item or the brand, that's not a great setup for attempting to resell.
  3. I know -- really I just love this organization, so it's like my enthusiasm for them is multiplied by my love of gorgeous bags. (I get excited about nice bags, like everyone on PurseForum, but somehow it's more meaningful to me if I know the money goes to a great place, if that makes sense.) I'm oddly not worried about authenticity: if it turned out not to be the real deal, I trust that I'd be given my money back.
  4. To answer the question posted in the thread title: NO :tdown: Looks like Epsom/Courchevel. Doesn’t spa well enough (without pricy replacements) for that level of damage IMO.
  5. I see this thread and your other thread about the kelly. Your enthusiasm for the charity work of the seller is admirable. But I would like to caution you about trying to buy and sell until you are more knowledgeable about the market for vintage bags.

    In general, as an individual, it is very difficult to sell bags that are not in good condition. Hermes buyers want something they can be proud of. Most likely the final auction price will be above what you could resell it for. And you would have selling costs, so most likely it will be a losing proposition for you. If these bags were a true bargain and if they could be resold, professional resellers would be snapping them up.

    It would especially be a losing proposition for you if you pay to have a beat up bag spa'd. Spa services are not inexpensive. A very beat up bag will look better after spa services, but it won't look like a bag that has never been beaten up. I think you were referred to the trainwreck thread. Docrides' Lazarus thread could be helpful to you. She gives people advice on which bags can be brought back to life, and which are hopeless. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/docrides-hermes-lazarus-thread-can-this-hermes-be-saved.972522/

    Before you go down this path, you should spend a lot of time on ebay to see how much the condition impacts the price. You should see how long it takes to sell used bags. Some listings are around for years. It would also help you judge the demand for various bag styles.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket. My advice to you would be to only buy bags that you love and want to carry as they are.
  6. What an incredibly thoughtful reply -- many thanks indeed.
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  7. @Cordeliere. this is so perfectly said. My thoughts were running along the same lines, but you said it so much better than I would have!

    Sorry, OP, but I’m going to be a wet blanket too. Like Corde said, most people like to buy bags that are already in the condition they want. Some people love rehabbing vintage or beat-up bags. Be they Coach or Hermes, they enjoy the process and it becomes a hobby. Personallly, I am NOT one of those people! :P I have a few vintage Kelly’s that I bought for way less than retail, but they all came in great condition. I also know that if I sell any of them (which I’m not planning to, but you never know) I would probably lose some money. So unless rehabbing and flipping bags is something you know you’ll love doing (the way some people love flipping houses), I’d be wary of a very damaged bag.

    I’d just add one more thing. OP, it seems like you love the idea of buying an Hermes bag (and we’re all with you on this!) but aren’t sure which one yet. It’s really easy to see a “bargain” and get excited and start thinking of not just one bag, but multiple bags. The saying that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, seems especially applicable to Hermes. When it comes to vintage H bags, price and condition are very, very closely linked. So before you invest, I’d suggest doing a ton of research, not just into whether a bag is “worth it,” but also into which bag or bags best fit your lifestyle and personal aesthetic. HTH.
  8. I agree with all the advice and have PMd the OP along those lines.
    However laudable the intention, I hope TPF is not going to become a market place for this or any other charity outlet.
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  9. I agree with all that’s been said so far. The interior of the bag you’re looking at is gross, and a spa won’t touch the inside. I wouldn’t care how cheap it is or how worthy the cause, I’d never buy anything looking like that. Sorry, just being honest.
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  10. No offense, but I wouldn't buy that bag at any price. IMHO it is awful. The handles are black and I don't see how that can be fixed without replacing them, which would only amplify the condition of the rest of the bag. And I'd never put my personal items inside it.
    I don't think you would be able to resell it at a profit. And frankly, I am surprised by the current price stated on the auction.
    There are so many other older bags out there at fairly reasonable prices. I would not waste my time on completely trashed bags.
  11. It’s great you want to donate to this charity. Maybe you could just donate to them, and then separately buy a bag in better condition. I also wouldn’t be inclined to buy this bag. Seems that the cost to make it look a little bit better would exceed its value.
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