Would you buy this bag?

  1. I am looking to buy a pre-loved azur speedy. I found one I really like for a reasonable price the only issue is the owner states there is "splitting" on the handle and posted this picture. What do you ladies think? Would this be expensive to get fixed/would you buy a bag with this issue?
  2. Would depend on the price.

    Looks like it could be reglazed or you could replace both handles.
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    No, I would not buy it. The wear has to be something I can live with. If it's not, the price has to be discounted to reflect the price to fix it. I'm not really the type of buyer that looks to fix-up pre-owned bags.
  4. Looks pretty minimal. Do you have a pic further away? Everything looks worse when it's a close up.

    For what it's worth I bought a pre-loved speedy DA with an ink stain on the canvas. It's right down the bottom, can't be cleaned but for $300USD I jumped at it. It's in otherwise good condition and doesn't bother me at all.
  5. If the price is really good and canvas parts look fine then yes. The vachetta has a nice patina and handle does not look dirty like so many speedies out there.

    But you have to think what kind of flaw you can live with because we all have our different views about this subject. For example, I don't mind if the lining of the bag does not stay spotless but I am very strict that the outside of the bag looks clean (no color transfer etc).
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  6. I agree with vernis-lover, it looks like LV could reglaze it. Perhaps ask at LV store with this picture to ask about the costs?
  7. It would be a no for me. I only purchase preloved bags that I would carry as is. I don't buy items in need of repair because I have found that the price to repair usually makes it not as good of a deal as I thought.
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  8. I agree with you. It's a no for me too.
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  9. Depends on teh price. If iot already reflects the cost for having it reglazed then yes i would.
  10. I could reglaze that, go for it if the price is right that is a simple fix.
  11. I wouldn't buy it. The added cost of repair and the wait time would be too much for me.
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