Would you buy this as your 1st spy???

  1. I recently purchased the baby spy, but now I really want the regular one (like I knew I would, of course.)

    I thought of going for black or cognac leather for my first one, but I keep on going back to this particular color (grey). Would you get this color spy if it was your first one??? Opinions pretty please.:smile:

  2. Yes, I would. :smile:
  3. I would go for the Cognac because it's outstanding...I saw it in person and tried it on in the store, and it's to die for. The color makes the leather appear very lux and it matches jeans, blacks, whites perfectly. Go for the Cognac!!
  4. I tend to go for colors that pop more, and would prefer Cognac/Choco to the grey.
  5. I would suggest a dark brown or black spy for a first spy. It's definitely more versatile.
  6. Thank you for the opinions. I also felt like the cognac would be my best bet, but I love the grey. The thing is, if I get the cognac to start with, I will not be able to get the grey until next year!!! (spent way too much already). I'm afraid that if I wait, the grey will be impossible to find, while the cognac will be more available. Am I right?
  7. I'm a Fendi newbie so am not familar with how the colors sell out...my first is a cognac. Fell totally in love and just had to have it. I would suggest either the cognac, black or choco as a first although this grey is gorgeous too...maybe for the 2nd:graucho:
  8. If you really love the grey spy then go for it. But I don't think it'll be hard to find later, especially if you don't mind Ebay.
  9. This one is nice but I would go for the cognac. It's much richer and the color is more versatile, IMO.
  10. I guess if the grey will be around, I'll get the cognac first. Gotta wait till x-mas for it, but at least I made my choice.

    In the immortal words of Ingrid, "Thank you friends...have a blessed day!!" (I couldn't resist, sorry):roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. i wud and i did..my first one is grey..im proud of it really, not becasue its a spy bag but it was the only spy left in singapore. when i was deciding, one lady asked me if i was gonna buy it cos if i wasnt then she wud want it!! when i was waiting for a receipt, i heard a couple asking for a spy bag but its gone..so yep, my one was the only spy in singapore..i didnt think i wud buy though, i was only browsing the store.
    well i wud say less ppl have the grey one..but then its totally up to u
  12. great choice fendihunter =)

    cognac is much more practical +yummy =)
  13. I have a black Spy. If the grey one were an option for me back then, I'd buy it as my 1st Spy. I like the fact that the grey one can match pretty much anything, and that it's a very unique and yummy color! :yes:
  14. Love the bag, not so much the color. But, then not too many people are crazy about the Fendi I would get as my first Spy if I could afford it right now. I like the Zucca Spy. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be beautiful. Now that I think about it, photos don't do a lot of these bags justice. I'd prolly like that color if I could see it ITF.
  15. YES! too many ppl have the cognac,choco,or black already! this colour's beautiful!