Would you buy these???

  1. No way! I would never buy them for myself, even if they were $10 - I think they are really ugly. :tdown:

    Would you?!?
  2. HAHAHAHA!! They look like something I wore in the late 80's!!! :shame:
  3. Nope, wouldn't buy them either. #1, the price! The're jeans for crying out loud. #2 it looks like someone took an old pair of jeans and sewed patches over holes. For that kind of money I could add some more Coach bags to my collection.
  4. There's a thread on this already, but I wouldn't want them even if they were given to me for FREE!
  5. Hideous - they look totally "homemade" and what an insane price - does anyone know what they sold for at regular retail?
  6. $798 :wtf:
  7. OMG - that's insane - you could buy 4 or more pair of seriously nice designer jeans at full retail for that - sometimes Coach loses sight of their market I think;)
  8. if i was that skinny and rich...YES!!! totally cute.