Would you buy the same thing a friend has?


Oct 16, 2006
Hello all,

This weekend, at a party, I saw a friend (not a close friend, but someone I see occasionally at social things because our husbands work together) wearing the most adorable dress I've seen in ages! I was instantly in love with it and I told her how cute I thought it was.

She told me she'd purchased it on NAP and she told me the brand, but said it had sold out because she couldn't find it on there anymore.

Well, as it happens, the dress got moved to the Sale section (which is probably why she said it was sold out--it doesn't show up if you just search on NAP) and now it's about 40% off.

Normally, I would never get the same thing as a girlfriend (in terms of clothing--shoes and bags I'm less strict about) but this time, I am SO TEMPTED!!! :wondering: :shame:

I figure I would wear the dress casually instead of for a party (where the risk of running into this girl would be much higher).

What do you think?? Would it be totally lame to get the same dress someone else has, in this sort of situation??




Oct 12, 2011
If you like it that much, you should buy it! It doesn't matter where you saw it, all it matters is that you like it! Besides, it's not an haute-couture dress, it's a pret-a-porter I suppose. Your friend who bought it first knows that there were more pieces made to be sold and that she's not the only one wearing it. However, you should be careful not to wear it at parties / events you might run into her. Wear it on other occasions, like dining out etc.

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
Yes absolutely......if it was a close friend (someone I see regularly, comes over etc) I would 'ask' her first just to be polite, but in your case, if you don't see this person often and she's not so close, then go for it!


May 18, 2007
No, I wouldn't buy it. I have a woman in my social circle, who likes to copy my style. It usually starts with a compliment, then she asks where I bought it, and the next thing you know, she's wearing it. Some people might call that flattering - I call it annoying. I don't mind getting style ideas from what others are wearing, but I would purchase a variation and not the exact same thing.
Jan 4, 2009
San Francisco
I'd get it if you love it so much! It's not like this is a girl you see all the time. Chances are other than your husband the same people will never see you both in it.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
i would get it...since it's not something you do regularly....
i am curious about which dress you saw....:graucho:


Aug 13, 2009
Totally get it! She's not a close friend so it's not like youll see her all the time and if she just wore it to a party what are the chances she'll wear it to the next party your social circle attends? As long as you dont make a habit of buying everything she wears I don't see a problem.


Aug 25, 2008
Get the dress! That's why they make more than one. The same way you saw it on her and liked it, she may have seen the dress on someone else. Even if that isn't the case, who cares? If you like it, go for it, and quick at 40% off! HTH :smile:


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I have had friends and family go to buy a bag and I have mentally crossed it off my wishlist. Even if they wanted it and didnt buy it, its 'dead' for me. I haven't analysed why I just can't go there but I can't. If a friend/sister/mother bought the same clothes or bag as me I actually wouldn't mind so I don't know what my response is about :shrugs:

That said, this woman seems more of an acquaintance and it's just one dress and you are not just about to do a 'Single White Female' on her. Buy it but just don't wear it to parties etc where you think she might be attending too.


Sep 22, 2006
I agree that it is just fine to buy the dress. If it were a friend you see regularly, then I would not, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I have seen women in dressing rooms come out with a dress on or I've seen women trying on bags I wouldn't have considered in a boutique, and those things have at times prompted me to buy either the same item or something similar. But I didn't know those people, so it was more just seeing the item modelled that made it appealing, which is what the case was with the dress you want, I would guess. So go ahead and get the dress; just don't wear it where you know she will be attending.


Coupon Code Stalker
May 16, 2009
SF Bay Area, CA
Another vote for, YES, get the dress, try it on and see if you still like it.

There are a lot of things I admire on other people, but rarely consider an item enough to get it for myself. If this is one of those finds and it works for you, that's good stuff. You're not out to copy someone's style, you know what you like so go with it.
Dec 18, 2007
My first inclination is to say "Yes! Why not?" But since it is a dress and not an accessory such as a AMcQueen scarf I think I would take a pass. I wouldn't want to wear a dress with "restrictions" wondering whether I may bump into my friend at an event, etc. But it's just a dress and do what feels right for you.