would you buy the new pink city?

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  1. Hi ladies, I just got off the phone with my sa and bought the new pink city that she said just came out. I haven't seen it IRL, does anyone own it or have pics or descriptions of the color? I hope I don't regret it. Help!!! Thanks.
  2. New pink??? Would love to see it!!!
  3. I think it's a the spring 2006 pale pink. Very pretty! I think it's been out for a few months now.
  4. i seriously considered this bag too.... it is so so pretty irl. i saw it at bal ny. however... its the light color thing for me. if i lived in arizona or palm beach , where everything is clean, i would definitely get one. but here in nyc, everything gets so dirty so fast. it is really really pretty !!!
  5. I just saw this color IRL today at the Barney's in Chestnut Hill, MA. They had the purse and the city. It is a pale pale pink, but I think it would look fabulous against a summer tan, lol. I always thought that I would want to get a city as my first b-bag, but now I"m thinking about getting the purse instead!
  6. i love the color. But i understand dirt worries. Maybe if you spray it with something, it will hold up better
  7. i've gotta tell you ade333, i just got an emerald purse & i love it!!!
  8. you have to post pics. we don't get to see many of the purse style.
  9. i know, i know, i'm sorry i haven't done that yet...i'm a bit embarrassed to say, i had to ask my husband to show me how to download the pics off my camera :shame: ...that's the reason for the delay...but i've got them all ready to post tonight when i get home :yes:
  10. i'm seriously considering the pink hobo. I really love it
  11. I love the pale rose in the box or purse styles best.....tey are just so feminine :smile:
  12. I got it as a gift and really didnt like it, but I hate pink period. Here are some pics from my ebay auction:
  13. I have seen the pink one in real life & it's gorgeous & I think it will match a lot of clothes as it's light color! I was debating btw the pink & the rouille.
  14. Damn - wish I got gifts like that!!! Gorgeous!
  15. ^^Lol, exactly what I was thinking! :lol: