Would you buy the Metallic Cannage Shoulder Bag in aged gold?

  1. My SA showed the whole aged gold metallic line to me today and I happened to really love the color. This slouchy sack type bag and a shoulder bag with larger flap style particularly caught my eye. I could only find a pic of the first style though...
    The other one is a shoulder bag that has a large flap over it and a brass D charm...It looks almost like their saddle bags but a little different shape. This one is soft and unstructured like the one in the pic...Just more of a hobo shape. They also have a Lady Dior in this color. I know I want at least one bag in this gorgeous color, but which one? Probably not the Lady Dior because I already have one in black, but which of the two others? Sorry, its so hard because I have no pics! Apparently it is a very new style?
  2. it must be a very new style its not even on www.dior.com anywhere , while the one that is on eluxury has been on dior official website since February:confused1::shrugs: ....wont say yes or no though until i see both pics hon sorry ...:sad:
  3. Beautiful, saw this in the Dior boutique, a really nice bag, the SA said it was flying out of the store.
  4. I would love to see that bag u described:p
    i just searched through dior.com and i came across few bags that may match the description..
    Picture 18.jpg Picture 17.jpg Picture 16.jpg
  5. the second style sounds like the cannage hobo?

    like nat, i'm not sure if it's a good call to make without seeing pictures of the second bag. that said, i'm not very keen on the first style (the one on elux). the tinny flap over it looks... out of place?

    cannage hobo.jpg
  6. Thanks zerdross! That's it exactly! :yes:
    Its a little soft and unstructured which makes me sorta nervous. But its very beautiful on the shoulder and somehow looks great though softer and a tad bit floppy. My SA stuck a few wallets in the bag to show what it would look like with my usual items in there. I used to only be into structured bags before (like the Lady Dior!) but lately I've been totally into Not Rational leather bags and that has created a new love for the unstructured bag. :smile: I'm wondering if I'll like the flap and the overall style. The Hawaii price is $1295 which is really not too bad, but I want to make sure that I truly adore it before committing and buying it, ya know? :smile: I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it were the aged gold color but in the Lady Dior Medium Hobo style:
    I love that style, but I don't really love the colors as much as I love the aged gold...They do have a pretty taupe and a pretty blue in it though. :smile:
    The shoulder bag style I first posted is cute, but I'm not much of a drawstring bag type person and I like it to hang a bit higher...just under the arm and not super low like this style does. I think it looks more casual as opposed to the hobo style which seems more dressy...I'm into the slightly more dressy look. :smile:
    So here's my question, does the flap make the bag a bit harder to use (as opposed to one that has a wide opening that you can just reach into while its still on the shoulder), does the color seem more trendy or classic, and is does the soft, unstructuredness of the bag become a bother after awhile?
    Thanks for any responses! You guys are the best forum when it comes to Dior...no other forum that I belong to, "gets" my absolute passion for Dior like you all do!:yes:
  7. ^ i saw the messenger version of the cannage hobo at the sloane street dior last year. the leather is so smooshy and lush, it made me briefly consider getting the messenger (to use as a bag for school).

    and i absolutely understand your predicament. i love structured bags and LOATHE slouchy ones, but there have been times when i've been tempted by some slouchy bags. i finally caved in once and got a chanel ultimate soft (which is exactly like the lady dior medium hobo), and i don't regret getting a slouchy bag at all -in fact i adore it and used it constantly when i was home over easter. so if you do like the design a whole lot, glamourgirlpink, i say go for it!

    as for the drawstring, i think it's highly debateable, it really depends on how it looks like when you carry it because i recall May/MayDay owning a black cannage drawstring and she eventually sold it because the way it hung when she carried it didn't sit well with her. the drawstring is a pretty tricky bag in that sense, whilst the hobo (lady dior or cannage) is more wearable, imo.

    as for functionality, i don't think a flap is a hassle at all. in fact, i'd say a flap is probably easier to get in and out of than the lady dior proper (it's so structured and stiff that getting in & out of the bag is a toughie, i tried it in the stores and it was one of the reasons i had to contemplate getting one). plus with the lady dior hobo, it's sort of akin to a flap, if you need to reach for anything, you'd have to lift the opening/slouchy part of the bag up and reach in.

    lastly (whoops, long post from me here!), this is my personal opinion here, but i always felt that the cannage range was an updated, younger, wee-bit-edgier version of the lady dior range. :yes:
  8. I love, the look is very different from everything I have. I want to go to Dior this weekend and take a look at it in person.
  9. Thank you all for your very helpful reviews and insight! :yes:
    I really love the aged gold cannage color/leather but am not a hundred percent in love with the few styles it is available in right now...Do you think there may be more styles available in this color in the future? Perhaps I should wait until I find a cannage Dior that I am head over heels in love with when it comes to both color and style, lol. :shrugs:
  10. ^ it might be possible.
    i'm not sure if the metallics are cropping up because of the trend thing, but the gauchos did start off with staple colours before the metallic gauchos were launched. and the cannage line was exactly the same.

    however, i don't really see the lady dior going into the metallics because it seems like a classic line? but i may just be wrong, although it seems like they seem to like to play with the way the cannage-pattern on the lady dior is done - studs, rhinestones, perforations, etc
  11. Hmmmm...maybe I need to go visit the Dior boutique again and play around with that aged gold hobo bag a little more. :yes: I'm definitely sold on the color...maybe the style will grow on me! :yes:
    Thanks again for answering all of my questions zerodross! You're such an asset to this forum! I love knowing that you or mayday will give good advice when it comes to Dior related questions! :smile:
  12. ^^ yup, give the hobo another spin. there's a frame cannage bag that will be out (check out fashion_guru's thread on the prefall bags), so maybe you might like that better (although it looks a lil slouchy to me). if you're not completely sold on the hobo, i know it's a toughie letting it go, but i'd say, wait it out. you'll never know when they might bring up an update of the current lady dior/cannage lines (and i see that these lines are doing pretty well, so i'm sure there'd be more variations to come).

    and no worries about it glamourgirlpink, you're too kind! imo, everyone on the dior board are such helpful lovely ladies - from posting threads about new bags, to info about sales and even offering some of us non-stateside girls get our bags from across the atlantic. :heart::heart:

    p/s bit worried about where may might be though, she's been MIA for a bit now.