Would you buy the Bosphore PM if it came in Damier?

  1. I'm looking for a nice cross body bag, and I like the style of the Bosphore but I don't want another monogram. Do you think this style would look good in Damier and if they made it would you buy it?

    The Damier piece closest to the Bosphore I think is the Olav PM, but I heard that thats hard to get in and out of.
  2. It'd look hot :heart:
  3. I'd love one!!! :nuts: I also want a cross body bag but I'm not too huge a fan of mono. I want the GM more though, to fit my laptop :yes:
  4. I have the Bosphore Pm in monogram and I love it. I wear it as a shoulder bag as well as messenger, and I would love to own it if it came in damier! =)
  5. I think it would be a great idea and also in the pochette bosphore too:yes:
  6. i never liked the Bosphores (all of them) but if they did it in Damier with the dark leather trims i probably would :yes:
  7. same :yes: :yes:
  8. i dont realy like the bosphore... or damier. so i would definitely pass...
  9. Agreed, I couldn't really picture it so I photoshopped a lil something, I apologize for it's extreme crappiness! It actually didn't look half bad unitl I attempted to make the vach into the darker leather that's on damier :shrugs:
    I like it, I would buy it...actually you have an so floating in my mind now, but they wouldn't so it for another couple years because the style just came out, right?
  10. Nice job, monogramboy...that's VERY hot.
    In Azur would be nice too...
  11. I love cross body bags and have the same thoughts about the monogram, and yes, I would get it if it came in a damier.:yes:
    What about this one? Melville

  12. I prefer the Bosphores over the Melville.
  13. ^^
    I also like the bosphores over the melville :yes:

    I would DEFINITELY buy one if it was in azur!!! :love: Thanks karman, now I'll be dreaming about this tonight! :lol:
  14. Have the Bosphore PM love it would buy it in Damier..
    Have the OLAV PM, hate it would not buy it if it came in mono!!