Would you buy... Smith Bag or Double Tassel?

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  1. Hi Friends- I am conflicted between the Smith Bag and the Double Tassel? Not sure what do buy but love both! WWYD?
  2. The Smith Bag :tender:
  3. Those are both bigger than I like to carry, so I would choose the one that's lighter weight. :biggrin: Sorry I'm no help.
  4. I prefer the Smith because of the outside pockets!
  5. Mornin' KAB!

    I LOVE the look of the Smith bag, but it's way too heavy for me. I don't know how the double tassel bag feels to carry, but I'm sure it has some weight to it. If you're not concerned about the weight my pick is the Smith bag. But I love the look of he double tassel too. The Smith bag carries more like a tote IMO and the double tassel looks more like a satchel.

    Good luck with your decision! Please let us know what you decide.
  6. Thanks all for your help!

    I can't lie, I want both :nuts:, but I decided to go with the tassel bag in chestnut.

    I can't decide what other color I want for the Smith bag, but I was thinking crimson. Color is another story, so many pretty colors in D&B.

    QVC is killing me today... everything I want is on easy pay too!

  7. :lol: I was going to say in my last post that you should get the Smith bag in red so I could stare at your pics! I love red bags!

    I think the tassel bag in chestnut is going to be beautiful and classic looking! Please post pics when she arrives and let us know what you think!
  8. I have the tassel bag in black and I love it but it can be a bear to carry after a while. And I carry very little to begin with. I don't have the Smith bag but am always eyeing it. I kind of think the Smith bag may be a tad lighter only because it doesn't have the buckles.
  9. I have a D&B Florentine large satchel in natural and I love the bag, but it is heavy! Yet, I was actually eyeing getting another one! You would think I would stay away, why do I torture myself, lol?

    I am crazy when it comes to bags, I am sure I will get the Smith soon enough, when I do, I promise I will share! Can't decide on the color though...

  10. :lol: You are in the right forum....if you DON'T want to be cured!
  11. LOLOL... why I haven't contributed sooner to TPF is beyond me, but I feel like I am in great company! I just love handbags!

    I'm funny that way, I can go to Target and buy clothing if I like it without a second thought, give me a sale! But handbags aren't the same, I love quality bags which tend to be $$$ as we all know!

    As I told my husband, there are worse things I could do :lol:
  12. ita!

  13. Oh yes you are in the right place and in good company :smile: I can't wait to see photos.

    Ps. I agree with RN, that red Smith bag is gorgeous! What a beautiful saturated red!
  14. #14 Feb 8, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2014
    Red is so pretty and powerful yet simple at the same time, and I don't have a red bag, so that color is def on my list.

    I had been eyeing this in red, the Kingston :smile:
  15. I hope you love your new bag! The chestnut is such a classic color and I carry mine year round. Looking forward to your review and photos!

    Oh and welcome :wave: Yes, you are in very good company here...the girls on this board are FABULOUS!