would you buy Pastilles???

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  1. i am wondering if I should purchase the pastilles bag charm. Its too big for me for a bracelet and wanted to see if you guys think I should just buy it?
  2. yep, i just bought it!

    Check out my post... with photos too!
  3. Yes, I have it, too. Photos are under one of these threads. I LOVE it! It brightens up my speedy!
  4. It's gorgeous but I have so many things I want right now.
  5. It's HOT but quite expensive for an charm:sweatdrop:
  6. It's very cute, I would.
  7. I would and I have! I think I want the brown one too :yes:
  8. I think it's cute, but whenever I've bought things like that, I get tired of them after awhile so for me, the urge will probably pass and I'll use the money towards a bag!!
  9. I finaly want the grape pastilles keychain not the long one
  10. I would definitely buy one! It's so cute!
  11. I love them after seeing them on Trisha's speedy!
  12. I'm gonna buy one, even though it's waaaay overpriced.:Push:
    I just hope the LV in QLD has one available.
  13. I'm still waiting for mine..

    But only buy it if you're going to use and enjoy it..I don't think anyone should "just buy" anything if they don't really love it.
  14. i'm still on the fence about this one...the pastilles and inclusion line are both just soo cute...but I don't know if I could spend that much on an accessory, when it could go towards a bag!! I want one yes! but will I buy one I don't know yet!! =(
  15. I'd get the berry/white inclusion speedy keychain instead :love:
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