Would You Buy New Used Looking Lv?

  1. okay i need you guys help!
    i want to but this beauty!!!
    but my local LV doesn't have it in stock so my SA said she would order one for me next month! but my other store does have it but the natural cow hide looks patima when it should be brand new ps. the hide is in two litle squares that hold the strap!
    and its kind of pricey $1150 + tax to buy when it looks used i don't know if i should wait for my SA to order me a new one or if i should just get the oxidized looking one on my b-day! next week.
    and theres also the risk that my SA would just Get one from another store and not factory direct new and the hide would be patima like the other ones she had in the tierre color! ugh :hysteric: this is driving me nuts first thing in the morning im driving to Louis Vuitton to get my Sh#% together!
    or what do yo guys think i should do?

    i hope nothing sticks to my hands at the store!

  2. If you buy from a boutique, with boutique prices, you should get it absolutely new.
  3. hmmm i would get it straight away cos, well, i'm impatient and one month is a loooong time. and sooner or later, your bag will get the patina anyways.