Would you buy Miroir Speedy in both Gold & Silver?

  1. I got my Gold Speedy on a launch day...and love it so much.
    I've been thinking if I should try to get one in silver, too......but is it going to be too much? I have way too many bags, so being practical is not my thing.

    Anyways, I see a lot of girls here with more than 1 Miroir bags(in different style), but I don't like Pap or Pochette because they are too small for me.
    So here's the question, would you buy Speedy in both gold and silver??:hysteric:
  2. If it makes you happy, GO FOR IT! Can't wait to see pics if you do!!!
  3. Umm ABSOLUTELY! If you want it get it!
  4. I bought both colors!! Go for it!!
  5. Go for it!
  6. If you want them both, then you should get them, but I personally prefer the gold!!!
  7. Question is, can you still get it? :smile:
  8. i only like the gold
  9. I did. One for my mother, one for me.
  10. YES!! If your going to be happy. I would love to have more Speedies!!
  11. I prefer the silver speedy and the gold pap :love:
  12. nope....not a big fan of mirror here :smile:
  13. I'm contemplating it!:nuts: :graucho:
  14. Misty, given it's so ltd, just curious how you can still get your hands on them?
  15. I've bought both too but still waiting for My gold one to arrive