Would you buy LV if they also sold it at discount stores?

Would you buy LV if they also sold it at discount stores...

  • yes, it wouldn't matter to me

  • No way! why spend the $$$ if it might turn up at a discount store

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I'm gonna be the odd one out and say YES!! (as long as the quality was the same).

I love LV to bits....the styles, the quality, etc. and I would love it whether it cost $1,000 or $25 (it would never be that cheap obviously....but you know what I mean) !!! I don't love it because it costs a lot and I don't love it because it never goes on sale.....

so my answer is yes I would buy LV no matter what.
Hmph. Tried to post here yesterday but the site went down mid-post.:confused1:

This is actually one of the things I do like about LV, is that it doesn't go on sale. I would be immensely frustrated if I bought something full price only to see it much cheaper later. That would suck, plain and simple. :Push:

But on a similar vein, there is a Salvation Army store that I walk by on a regular basis, and they had about 5 LV items up for auction last month. A mono purse, a couple damier pieces, and even a baby blue vernis clutchy-type thing. Granted, I am fakey-illiterate, so they may have indeed been fake and I didn't go in to look at them or see how much they were bidding at... but it was weird to see LV in the Salvation Army. This thread reminded me of that!;)
I would be mad as hell if I saw a Louis Vuitton piece at TJ Maxx or Marshalls! And that is not to hate on either store - on the contrary, I find tons of wonderful clothing brands there at a discount (i.e., Kenar, Tahari, Max Studio, Laundry by Shelli Segal and Polo, to name a few of my faves) and housegoods as well. I used to occasionally buy pocketbooks from both places but they'd be those obscure Italian leather ones that are $100+ (which was a lot to me then, lol.)

Right away, when my husband turned me onto LV I noticed that it must be a unique brand because so many people carry counterfeits. I mean, when's the last time you saw a fake GAP bag? :lol: So that really peaked my interest and I've been hooked on its exclusivity ever since.

Now, it would be nice if they occasionally offered a discount of some sort or cut the crap with all the price increases, but for those of us trying to buy more for less there is always eBay and Marketplace. :P
To me that is the appeal of Louis Vuitton...knowing that in a matter of months that it will not be reduced. It's nice to know that their products only go up in value...but having said that 3 price increases a year is ridiculous!