Would you buy LV if they also sold it at discount stores?

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Would you buy LV if they also sold it at discount stores...

  1. yes, it wouldn't matter to me

  2. No way! why spend the $$$ if it might turn up at a discount store

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  1. I sort of got in a debate over this in a different forum and maybe my thinking is wrong, so I thought I would ask all you LV lovers how you feel about it...

    Would you buy LV at an LV store, if they also sold it at massive discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls?
  2. Hmm... probably not! Why buy it at retail when you can wait for a few months and see them at discount stores?

    Thank god LV is not like that! :sweatdrop:
  3. Nope! It's hard to think LV as luxury/exclusive items if I can buy it from discount store.Don't get me wrong, I love those stores. Let alone doing that, LV never give us discount. I don't expect much from LV except stop increasing the price every 4 months :cursing:
  4. Gosh No !....the day this happens...may I be dead !
  5. The day that happens is the day I'll stop buying LV. :yucky:
  6. sure, i'll buy if i like them. but i won't obssess over LV like i do now. the value of the brand definitely stands strong because there is no discounts.
  7. I wouldn't care if seasonal stuff got marked down 10-20%, but if a ton of stuff started getting marked waaaay down and sent outside LV boutique channels I wouldn't as willing to spend the bucks Louis' require. KWIM?
  8. I'm with John5, bagsnbags, socialite, Irissy! Glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way...
  9. That was whole reason I went the LV way. NEVER ON SALE!:P

    I would stop buying LV the day that happens!:yucky:
  10. If that ever happened all my LV's would be put up on the auction block and I would move on..:yes:

  11. LOL:lol: :lol:
  12. nuts, i accidentally clicked on yes cuz I read the question wrong..!
  13. Aside from the VAP, LV never gives out discounts, esp. not to the general public, b/c it protects its brand's image.
  14. Honestly - I wouldn't want it to be on sale. Especially if I work so hard for it, and then it ends up at an outlet store / discount store. That would be awful - it would take the luxury away. And wouldn't feel good paying retail price then going on drastic sales.

  15. I totally agree...this is why, IMHO, LV is such a 'luxury' brand...:yes:

    I LOVE the fact that LV does not cheapen the brand by doing outlet stores, etc...sorry, but if you could go in, root around in a bin for a mono speedy, for example.....YUCK!!!!!!!:yucky:

    Very interesting thread, BTW!!