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  1. As you know I brought home a new white bag!:yahoo:
    Weird thing is I haven't removed the tags. . . we all know what that means:shocked:
    I read wintotty's thread about her bag and some people were talking smack about the handles of this ligne {looks like a twisted doughnut! LOL!}, the rivets, etc . . .
    I really like this bag, but now am having 2nd thoughts.
    If I'm TOTALLY in love w/ a bag, I don't really care what other people think so much, but those comments made me start thinking about the future and resale value if I ever decide to sell it.
    Also, the bottom is kind of soft and it doesn't sag yet but I'm a little afraid it will eventually.:crybaby:

    I'm really torn. . . I REALLY need a white bag and the color of this one is right on! Also I love totes which also makes this bag great for me. . . but then there's the couple of cons I just posted. . .

    OK, now forget everything I just said and think only about yourself.
    Would you buy this bag for you/do you like it?
  2. Hi Swanky, I think it's a really nice White Bag but it's just not the kind of Bag that most people can carry off...I probably can't...but maybe you can? :girlsigh:

    Did I miss the thread with you carrying it? :upsidedown: Then I can know for sure...
    And I like this shape more than the one in the other thread. :shame:
  3. Thanks for your feedback!
    yes I posted pics of me wearing it in the other thread, here they are again:
    DSCF2144.jpg DSCF2145.jpg DSCF2146.jpg DSCF2147.jpg
  4. Of course, I'd buy it! hehe I think it looks fabulous on you. I love this line. Not everyone is going to like every bag someone buys. I know I don't like everything I see here. I think you have to go by what you're comfortable with and what looks good on you.
  5. I really like this bag. I love the vintage ligne and the interesting look it has. The only reason I wouldn't buy it (at this point) is because I don't actually have a Chanel bag yet so I would want something more classic as my first. However, IF this were my 2nd or 3rd Chanel bag purchase I would DEFINITELY make this it! I LOVED the black version on Rachel Bilson.

    Your white looks great and it's not the super bright kind. As for the straps.. I actually really like the interlocking/inter-twining/twisting of the leather with the leather/chain. I think it's a nice funky twist and plus it's great to have a thicker "strap" for the totes for comfort.
  6. ^^I know, ITA!:yes:
  7. I like this bag and I would buy it if I was looking for a white tote.
    I guess I am one of the few who actually like the handles!
  8. I'm probably shouldn't even post because I'm biased against white bags :whistle: . IMO I'd be too worried about it getting dirty, pen marks, etc.

    If you aren't absolutely in love with it then there is something even better out there.

    It's a gorgeous bag, however. Black or choco would be TDF :girlsigh: .
  9. I'd pass on this bag. It is not a favorite of mine. I like more structured Chanels.
  10. Swanky, I tried on that shape in black, but I wasn't crazy about it at all. Color is really beautiful, but you are not sure about this ba, then return it. I thought you are getting Modern chain bag in white? I LOVE that one so much better! (I returned my "donut handle bag" today. LOL)
  11. I actually really LOVE the handles on this bag. They are so interesting. I agree with what was posted above, not everyone has the same taste so some people won't like what others do.

    I personally like this bag, and I LOVE it in white and I would definitely buy it if I were made of money.
  12. Swanky:
    I love the handles also its sooo comfortable..I have never held any handles that are softer than the ones on the VS...

    I love it...I think you should keep it. Your color is perfect. I think with wintottys we werent crazy about the color!
  13. I think it looks great on you Swanky! I personally like the handles as well- I think that if you are looking for a white bag- this is great- because of the slouchier shape- it is great for an everyday bag and yes, I would buy it!!
  14. I like the bag, but I personally would never buy it. I agree with Kat. I like more structured bags.
  15. Swanky, it looks good on you. But I am terrible with white color so I wouldn't buy it.
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