would you buy hayden harnett at Target?

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  1. I was in Target this evening getting some household items and I saw a sign while passing through the purses. "Hayden Harnett for target" ...oooo...they were around $45 ish. It had a charm kind of thing coming down saying "Hayden Harnett" and in small letters "for target" I'd like it, if it weren't for the ..."for target" part. It was kinda cute, large black and kind of slouchy. But...would you get it from Target? *mixed feelings about it *
  2. I wouldn't as I prefer leather to the pleather or whatever these bags are made from. But that's just me; I'm sure some ladies could look great carrying one of those bags.
  3. The mods will probably move this to the HH subforum and there's at least one other thread about these bags on there. I don't care much for pleather bags but the umbrella HH did for target looks fabulous!
  4. Hi! Please visit our HH Forum and find the existing HH for Target threads already posted:yes:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.