Would you buy from them?

  1. Here's a question for al lyou ladies. If you were looking to buy a designer bag from a seller who had one would you buy it from them if they adimitedly sold fakes in trhe past?
  2. Not in a million years I am afraid.
  3. Never!
  4. :nogood:

    How do you know the designer bag she has is real? How do you know the pics belong to the actual bag you will be buying? Too risky.
  5. No! Too much of a risk!
  6. No way!
  7. No, no, no.
  8. Never Never Never.
  9. I wouldn't take the chance:tdown:
  10. Heck no.
  11. No...that's the BIG warning that you shouldn't buy from that seller.
  12. No!
  13. no, just on principle alone:nogood:
  14. No way!!!!!!!
  15. No