Would you buy from ebay if you only saving $200 or so over retail or

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  1. would you just pay retail? The item is brand new but I am wondering if I should risk it (although it has been authenticated) to save $200 or less because it seems there will be many bidders.

    What do you guys think?:confused1:
  2. I would probably just buy from the boutique. If anything happens to it then you can bring it in and talk to a SA. If you buy it from ebay, the SAs will be less likely to help, i would think.
  3. I would rather keep saving a bit longer and buy it new.
  4. I would definitely get it new. The only time I would buy second hand is if I knew for sure it was authentic and I was saving a significant amount of money. A couple of hundred doesn't cut it. i'd rather have new.
  5. I've learned to never buy anything designer over ebay, even if it is authentic! I hate waiting and going through all the hassle. I personally go the easy route and just buy it at the Boutique. That way I can get a hands-on feel for the item and take my time.

    I just... don't trust ebay anymore. Unless it's a reliable and reputable dealer like let-trade or something. I would never buy from anyone else.
  6. Buy it at the boutique or elux.
  7. Get it at the boutique... the small difference in price is worth the peace of mind.
  8. If I can save 30% then I'll try and go for it. Once the bidding goes over what I can save I stop, because at that point I'd rather go buy it at the boutique. I think you can get a better savings on accessories rather than on supposed new handbags. I bought a pomme vernis French purse and zippy wallet this way.
  9. I would try to save more and buy one from the store, you will have garantee and you see what you are buying
  10. with a difference that small i would go the boutique.
  11. Def. better buying from LV... for the amount you save, and the amount of quality problems that can potentially arise (as you know), I'd say it's worth the extra for the piece of mind and warranty.
  12. It depends, if it's 200$ on a 3,000$ piece, I wouldn't bother. BUT if it was 200$ on something that was 300$, I probably would - I think of it percentage wise rather than dollar wise ! :yes:
  13. I need to save at least 25% to buy it pre-loved
  14. i suggest the boutique unless it's ltd and u can't get it there..then I wouldn't mind paying for more even..
    otherwise, I try to save atleast 20% on bay~
  15. I totally agree!