Would you buy from a seller that has never sold before?

  1. Would that be considered somewhat risky or is that okay? There's this seller that I'm interested in buying from who has only been a buyer and never a seller.
  2. does this person at least have positive feedbacks as a buyer? if so then how many?
  3. If there are still some recent ones, check out what the seller has purchased. If there are some high-end bags, an they are authentic, then you're probably safer.
  4. Agree with titania029, if she bought many high-end and authentic items, why not to buy from her? :flowers:

    I guess she just decided to re-sell after a few times being a buyer. I can tell you like that coz I almost similiar with your seller. Since I registered with eBay, I never sold till this year, I'm starting to re-sell my LV :smile:
  5. ^ Well I can only see about 4 items, and most of them are just clothes. The seller has around 50 positive feedback all from sellers.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, the seller had stock photos up on the first couple of days of the auction and then later posted actual photos later. Is this something to be suspicious about?
  6. Check her feedbacks from sellers. Do you find her purchasing of high-end items such as LV etc?
  7. Ppl will assume like this,"If she could buy over $1000 bag so she's no reason to ashame her self with $300 bag, for example" Just for example :smile:

    If you feel uncomfy, just skip her auctions.
  8. ^ Not much indication of purchasing high-end items since the feedback were pretty vague and generic! I believe the item is real, but I just want to be sure that the seller would be responsible on their part. I have never purchased anything from eBay before, so maybe that's why I'm so paranoid!
  9. I personally dont buy from new sellers or sellers who have less than 50 pos feedbacks. If they have never sold highend items, I would stay clear of them. eBay used to be so much fun to buy and sell on, thats long gone. I have been on ebay for over 7 years and have over 1600 perfect feedbacks. I am really cautious who I buy from and who I sell to as well.
  10. I'd be open to buying from someone selling for the first time. Like any other auction, check out pics, etc. and if it seems legit, then go for it. Usually first time sellers are extra good at shipping fast, packaging well, etc. because they want the good feedback as a seller.
  11. I don't know what I would do. It would depend on the item I think...I probably would steer clear of high end items unless it was an accomplised seller. I realize that we all have to start somewhere, but there are so many shady ebayers these days.
  12. I think I'd investigate a bit more - if I was concerned about authenticity of an item, I'd go down that route of inquiry. If I was concerned about the honesty of the seller on the other hand, I'd decide whether I was willing to take the risk proportionate to how much I wanted the item/its cost etc. Because it is a risk but then again so is Ebay generally - we all know it is not like walking into a shop where prices are fixed and rights are statutory. That is why it is a matter of judgement each and every time we do a deal - what is your instinct telling you?
  13. If it's less than $200, sure, paypal protection. Otherwise, I'd be careful, but I would still buy if it looks good, just use my cc with good protection. Often people are afraid to bid so you can get a good deal.
  14. as an ebayer who started out only buying, a new seller has to start sometime. pay with ppal/credit card for safety. i still like to think that the majority of the ebay community is good!!!
  15. I suppose everyone has to start somewhere :shrugs: