Would You Buy Designer Shoes From China Or Even Russia

  1. I have been desperately looking for some LANVIN ballet pumps in black patent. I cannot find them anywhere in U.K.or U.S.A. i have now checked with Lanvin and have got a list of there retailers and they have loads in Hong Kong:rolleyes: and China:s and quite a few places in Russia. :s :rolleyes: Has anybody ever purchased from designer shops in these countries and do you think i would be mad to start phoning around trying to find them, i guess they would all speak English:s HONEST OPINIONS PLEASE :yahoo:
  2. I don't see why not. You're going to pay a bit for shipping, but if you love them that much then I don't see the big deal.
  3. all of them in Hong Kong would speak english...if you want them, you should try.
  4. Russia, Moscow has super good shopping scene, can be compared to New York.
  5. If I was the least bit uncomfortable, regardless of language or SA, I wouldn't do it.

    My most recent shipped shoe purchases via a non-regular SA have been a real disappointing waste of time, though you shouldn't have a problem with black patent.
  6. Occasionally, I have seen real designer bags come from Hong Kong on Ebay.

  7. I wouldn't, to be honest...just because I'm essentially in China every single summer, and all I do there is shop. I've come to have intimate knowledge of just how shrewd the sellers there are, and they've really made imitation an art form. They have ratings of imitation products, from like A to like AAAA, with AAAA products being IMPOSSIBLE to distinguish from authentic products. The black market people actually get people in Europe or US to buy an authentic bag, and have their best crafters hand stitch each one down to the last detail. It's to the point where I've stopped buying products even in the "luxury" seemingly-legit stores, because who knows whether some clerk or salesperson there might have switched the authentic one with an AAAA one and profited on the side. I don't know - if you LOVE these, then maybe it's worth the effort/risk, and an excellently imitated pump may be just as good quality as the real thing....but just wanted to let you know my experience....:Push:
  8. I actually only buy shoes in Moscow, everytime i go there to see my parents i go on shopping spree, shopping there is really impressive!! I was able to find shoes there that i was unable to find anywhere else. I find Toronto shoe shopping really boring, Moscow is much much better!! I am not sure about what their shipping policies are...it depends on the store, but if its a small store i doubt they will ship international. I am going to moscow for New Years, can't wait to see what they have there!!:biggrin:
  9. If it's authenticity that you're worried about...then if you order it from the Lanvin store in HK, it would definitely be authentic. If you're ordering from ebay, then I can't say.
  10. Moscow shopping is INCREDIBLE. All the big designers, all the crazy, straight-off-the-runway styles that would not sell anywhere else are sold in Moscow!

    As for China, if it's a reputable store, I would! You'd pay more for shipping and a markup, but to get what you want, it's worth it.
  11. I buy things from all over the world, but if your goal is to obtain something that is a particular brand name, and you are paying a premium price specifically for that, I would suggest doing exactly what you did - get a list of authorized resellers, if the company does not sell directly from the website.

    If an authorized reseller of Lanvin or anybody else sends you something that is not authentic, I bet if you let Lanvin know about it, they will see that you get your money back AND receive the genuine article from them as a token of appreciation for alerting them to the situation of one of their resellers engaging in fraudulent practices.
  12. Wow! There's a good reason for me to keep studying Russian. :P

    (Publish? What're you talking about? I'm in it for the shopping!)
  13. rosie50: I was wondering if it's not too much trouble if you could list the Lanvin retailers in Toronto, Canada and possibly in New York City for me? I would appreciate it so much. I live in Toronto and I'm taking a trip to NYC very soon and I'd like to go on a scavenger hunt and see if I can find any Lanvin flats or boots. I am totally addicted. :smile:
  14. why not as long as its the real deal and you don't get screwed by customs whats the problem?
  15. I don't see what the problem is if you are buying them from the Lanvin boutique or an authorized dealer there.