Would you buy designer patent leather shoes?

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  1. I know that patent leather has been in since last year and it is also a big trend next a/w but i have never owned one. It is because i still doubt that it is gonna be around for a long time. Is it worth to spend $500 on a pair of patent shoes?Do you have one? Do you think it is gonna last and become a classic piece? Show me your fab patent shoes so i can change my mind.... ;)

    Thanks girls.
  2. I have 3 pairs of patent Louboutins, 1 pair of patent pradas, and 1 pair of patent Miu Mius and they are FAB! Go for it!
  3. Patent leather never really goes away, especially in black. I have 8 pairs of CL patents, I don't think you can go wrong.
  4. I have a pair of Prada ballet flats in aubergine/black crinkly patent that I bought just yesterday. 290 euros,not too bad.I figure they're understated enough to not really scream PATENT!!! I also have some red Prada patent mary janes which were on sale at NAP two years ago. I just couldn't resist because they reminded me of Dorothy shoes;I've never worn them though!!

    I know what you mean though.I will not be buying a patent handbag. I don't think that it has much longevity. As a trend it tends to come around once every 10 years or so,and in a different form each time.

    I tend to buy classics. Maybe I'm boring,but I'm not going to sell my stuff next season and buy all new ones.
  5. Yes. I agree with the above poster that black patent leather shoes never really go out of style. I wouldn't buy a bunch of bright colored shoes in patent leather. I doubt that that trend will stick around for long.
  6. i have a pair of nude patent manolos (they're posted in the manolo thread) that i think are classic and won't ever go out.
  7. I did and they're definitely trendy. The one the comes to mind that I have thta is trendy is the Fendi black patent B. pump. I loved them and it was worth it to me.
  8. For sure - patent is classic, but happens to be everywhere now. I have patent Manolos and will still wear them even when the trend dies down since it's a classic shoe design.
  9. I was having a similar dilema, but i'm glad to see these comments I will def be getting a pair for the fall (maybe more if I fall in love w/ em).
  10. I have a pair of patent pumps, but the problem with them is that they get creases and them and don't look good anymore, but maybe that only happens with cheaper ones (I paid about $100 for these).
  11. I LOVEEE patent leather! Honestly..ive been buying them for a long time & I dont think they go out of style. My CL Decolettes are blk patent and they are classic. It all depends on the style of the shoe i guess.
  12. Patent leather is a classic staple in any closet. I love my CL peep toe pumps:
    Patent CL Yoyo.jpg
  13. Go for it!

    I have several pairs of patent shoes and I wear them all the time. My faves are my patent Louboutin Rolandes which I bought for a dressy wedding but have since worn out on the town with skinny jeans several times. I think I was able to dress them down a bit because they are patent, not in spite of it.
  14. I'm 33 yrs old and I've seen trends come and go, but black patent has always been around. As long as the style of shoe is classic, I don't think they would look dated in the future.
  15. i think that happens to the best of shoes regardless of the cost. i have a pair of manolos in patent leather that have started to crease slightly in the front part.