Would you buy CLs with black sharpie markings on the inside sole?

  1. So this is a debate I've always had with myself. You find an awesome pair of CL (usually on eBay) and on the inside right through the logo is an ugly streak of marker. Every seller uses the excuse of "to prevent illegal store returns".

    First off, I have no idea who puts them there as when you buy the shoes even from the outlets and on clearance sales, there are never any sharpie marks on the shoes.

    Would you buy them though with the marking? Yes, you can only see it when the shoe isn't on, but it still kind of bothers me that's its there. Even if no one else knows, I know it.

    Is this something I should just get over? Would you buy them?
  2. If it's a great deal I would buy them. I can't remember where...but I bought a pair of shoes one time at a store and they put the black line inside of it. It was because the shoes were final sale, no returns.
  3. I've seen this happen with clothing at outlets, but haven't seen it in shoes. If they were a good deal, I'd buy them too!
  4. I've just spotted a pair on eBay with the sharpie marking on it.
    I would prefer it not to be there, but I'm fine with it, as long as I'm getting a good deal.
  5. Ditto, if it is a good deal I can lived with the marking.
  6. I agree with everyone who said they would get them if it were a good deal--otherwise, it would bother me.
  7. Yes, I would buy them.
  8. I've thought about this also--the black perm mark being there, that is. It seems like it's almost the seller preventing you from making the extra buck, since they've probably already got it at a significant discount and that's why you're getting the discount.
  9. Oh, but the answer your question... yes, it's all harmless enough to disregard and buy. I was watching a pair of yoyos w/ marking. The discounted price def overshadows the mark.
  10. I would but I just use a alcohol pad and get it off :shrugs:
  11. I would buy them if it's a good deal. The mark is on the inside, nobody will see it anyway.
  12. If they were a great deal and I really wanted the shoe, then yes. But I'd make sure not to take my shoes off where someone could see the mark. However if I saw two listings of the same shoe on eBay and one cost a little more but didn't have the mark, I'd spend the extra money and buy it. Those marks drive me crazy!

    One thing I don't understand is when people sell on ebay and say "These are from my personal collection, but I will mark the inside before I ship to prevent store returns." Most of the time the sole is scuffed up anyway- what store would take those back? And what do they care if you would try to return them anyway? I always find that one odd.
  13. i would buy them...no one is looking at the inside of my shoes.
  14. I'd still buy them. You could probably remove them with some kind of cleaner (the kind that gets markers off walls..?)
  15. I'd probably buy them if it was a crazy good deal.